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Grow Up!

I probably should never write a blog post when I’m in a pissed-off mood but here goes anyway…

The whole Arizona shooting thing and the fallout from pundits, politicians, and posers against who’s supposedly at fault…Here are a few points:

  1. Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party folks are NOT at fault in any way. If you think otherwise, your political ideology has blinded you and you’re incapable of putting more than two brain cells together to come up with a cogent thought. Grow up!
  2. Using a target or crosshairs in a political ad has been going on for decades. There’s nothing wrong with it.
  3. Military or “violent” terminology, in the same way, is completely acceptable. Even Jesus used such language, saying that the violent take the kingdom of heaven by force.
  4. One of the shooter’s friends described him as a liberal and others have described him as apolitical. If you think conservatism had anything to do with it, you’re as ideologically as blind as a bat. Two of his favorite books are “Mein Kampf” and “The Communist Manifesto”. Dude played both sides of the fence as far as I can tell, if he even had a side to begin with.
  5. He didn’t listen to or watch political talk radio or TV. If you think this played a part, go back and re-read the second sentence in point #1.
  6. Nancy Pelosi once again proves herself to be completely clueless. This was not an “accident”.

This notice brought to you by a supposed domestic terrorist.


5 Responses

  1. GOOONE Brothuh! Sometimes the BEST time is to blog when in a less the buyont mood. 😉

  2. Yep, it is the murderer’s fault, but it is also all about hate, and I’m about up to my neck in it. Don’t jump into those waters brother, we were made for so much better than this!

    • Well, it depends on what kind of hate you’re talking about. The Bible says that God hates certain things and I think the kinds of things I brought up here, like accusing talk show hosts or the Tea Party folks of being accomplices to murder, qualifies as being okay to hate. I don’t hate the folks who are doing that but it certainly ticks me off that they can’t see past their political ideologies.

      • I’m talking about the kind of hate that causes someone to fire an automatic weapon into a crowd of people. Or people trying to accuse others of enciting this murderer. Or someone yelling at the president during a state of the union address, “you’re a liar!” I’m fed up with the whole bunch of them, right or left. I can’t believe anyone could feel passionate enough to claim either the Republican or Democratic party as their “ideology” anymore. Civility is just about extinct in this country. Maybe we all need to blow up our tv’s and ignore these folks for awhile!! (ha! ha!)

        • Agreed. There are individual politicians that I like in either party but I can’t believe that people still want t be associated with them.

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