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Failure Is an Option

Remember when Rush Limbaugh said the following?

I would be honored if the Drive-By Media headlined me all day long: “Limbaugh: I Hope Obama Fails.”  Somebody’s gotta say it.

The mainstream media, always salivating for a chance to excoriate the king of conservative talk radio, jumped on this statement like a politician on a stack of lobbyist cash. For what seemed like weeks, you couldn’t listen to the news or late night talk shows without hearing some pointed jest at the expense of Limbaugh or those associated with his cause. Why, Limbaugh of course had now joined the ranks of the unpatriotic, hadn’t he? It was a chance for all those leftists, once again, to use a quote by a well-known conservative to show just how un-American those neocons really are. After all, we know they really don’t want the best for America anyway.

Of course, what was actually said didn’t seem to matter. Put in its proper context, here’s more of what Limbaugh said (the transcript of the entire segment on his show is available here).

Before he was inaugurated the search-and-destroy mission had begun.  I’m not talking about search-and-destroy, but I’ve been listening to Barack Obama for a year-and-a-half. I know what his politics are. I know what his plans are, as he has stated them. I don’t want them to succeed.

Unsurprisingly, this part was mostly ignored. Limbaugh was not saying that he wanted our country to fail, suffer economic problems, experience setbacks in the war on terror, etc. What he was saying was that he hoped liberal policies, policies that he opposes and thinks are bad for the long term interests and welfare of America, to fail. This is something that all people who hold to certain political beliefs have in common. For instance, if I think drastically changing economic policy is going to be bad for us in the long run, I’m going to oppose that policy. It’s really not all that complicated a logical leap. Sure, there are some issues where there can be some middle ground and you can hope that those holding a slightly different view are correct but, on the bigger issues, there often isn’t a whole lot of wiggle room.

Now Senator Lisa Murkowski (Republican-AK) has put on her trusty pair of hip waders and put herself in the middle of the anti-context folks…

I will tell you, I am not one of those who wants Obama to fail. If he does well, that means the country’s doing well. We don’t have time as a nation to spend all of what we do blocking. We have got to figure out how we get to a point where we can be sitting around the table and talking about these difficult problems and advancing some solutions.

While I agree that we definitely need to be working with those who believe differently from us as conservatives, that doesn’t mean those of us who want liberal policies to fail want them to do so to cause harm to the country. We want the policies to fail because we strongly believe, with every fiber of our beings, that they are bad for the long term health of our great nation. On those things, we’ll fight tooth and nail for what we believe is right.

As far as “blocking” goes, since the Republicans now hold a strong majority in the House of Representatives, if something comes down the pike from the Democrats that I think is bad for the country then, yes, I want it blocked. Gridlock, as it’s often called, isn’t always bad. Divided government sometimes works out for the best of the country. We, as a people, need to be united in purpose and direction, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to oppose an ideology that you think is wrong and harmful.

Lastly, I question where some of these folks who complained about Limbaugh’s comments were when then President Bush was being raked over the coals on nearly a daily basis during much of his eight years in office? I think we already know the answer to that one.


8 Responses

  1. Yea, I can remember back when I used to defend Bobby Knight all the time. I finally grew tired of his crap and gave it up. Same for Rush.

    • Well, I’m no Rush Limbaugh defender. I don’t really care for him all that much. See my post from just last month @ https://davesdominion.wordpress.com/2010/10/07/foot-in-mouth-again/

      However, I think he’s right this time around and he was widely taken out of context.

      • Glad to hear that. I’m just tired of loudmouths all the way around. I believe you are as well. The whole scene has become so divided, I don’t know if we’re ever going to get a single problem solved. The Limbaugh’s on the right and that jackass, left wing, atheist (can’t think of his name) on HBO just keep the pot boiling all the time. There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground anymore. Maybe now with the big turnover at the midterms, they’ll be forced to try and work together more. Maybe, but I doubt it, the loudmouths won’t allow that happen. I hope Jesus shows up soon!!

        • Hey, got to looking at my comment and wanted to qualify my statement. I believe you are tired of loudmouths as well, not, you are a loudmouth! Sorry if there was any confusion.

        • The guy on HBO is Bill Maher. He’s the guy who thinks Americans are stupid and need to be led like dogs.

          • Yep, that’s the guy. Couldn’t think of his name. There’s something (maybe what comes out of his mouth!) about that guy that really, REALLY sets me off!

          • He’s an attention whore.

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