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Williams Fired for His Fox News Affiliation

Why waste space here? I figured I may as well just say it in the title. Juan Williams wasn’t fired from NPR for his comment on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News show (see video below).

Williams was fired from the left-leaning NPR simply because they hated the fact that a well-known liberal was voicing his opinions on the “enemy’s” turf. Pure and simple. The left can squawk all day long about how “Faux News” isn’t a real news outlet, is a Republican talking points network, and all that other brainless drivel that they seemingly spend all their time agonizing over. If the Obama administration and the rest of their cohorts on the left spent as much time strategizing over what to do about the economy as they do about how to subterfuge Fox News, we’d all be in a lot better fiscal shape by now.

Now obviously this opinion is not within the realm of provable theories, at least not at this point. What is provable is that NPR has employees still working for them who’ve made far worse utterances than anything Williams has said. Case in point, Nina Totenberg, NPR’s legal affairs correspondent…

Even Totenberg, however, has stated that the firing of Williams isn’t even a terribly popular move amongst NPR employees. Of course, the difference between Totenberg and the “obviously racist” Williams is that the former is not a “Faux News” contributor.

All sarcasm aside, I won’t be surprised if NPR now makes another move in an attempt to cover their tracks, such as relieving Totenberg of her duties or something to that effect. They’re under tremendous pressure to atone for Williams’ firing due to their own lack of diversity, which is now basically NO diversity. Pretty sad for a network claiming Williams’ firing was supposedly due to his “racist” remarks about Muslims. Of course, that chump change recently dumped on NPR’s lap by George Soros probably had nothing to do with it, either…Nah, couldn’t be.


5 Responses

  1. That Totenberg comment is more than ten years old. The Mngt. that fired Juan Williams wasn’t even working at NPR then. EPIC FAIL.

    • I realize that the comment is old, over 15 years old, in fact. However, if the current management was as responsible as they seemingly claim to be, shouldn’t they make it their business to know what their own employees have expressed in the past? What Totenberg said is beyond the pale. I wouldn’t have anyone working for me that said something like that, regardless of how long ago it was, unless they’ve expressed some kind of remorse for careless words like that.

      EPIC FAIL back atcha. 🙂

    • FYI, Totenberg had a chance to apologize on “Inside Washington” recently and did not do so, leading me to believe she still stands by her comments

      As an aside, Totenberg is supposed to be a correspondent and Williams was an analyst. There’s a big difference between being an analyst, someone who is paid to offer an opinion, and a correspondent, someone who is supposed to remain neutral.

      DEF (Double EPIC FAIL).

  2. Yes, Fox news really is a Republican, talking head. Yes, NPR is left leaning…so what? They will both hire and fire whomever they choose. We (us) will continue to watch and listen to what we choose to see and hear. Isn’t America Great!

    • I wouldn’t call Fox News a Republican talking head. They lean conservative in their news department (not counting their opinion talk shows) but they certainly don’t regurgitate the talking points of the Republican party

      As for NPR, I haven’t listened to them enough yet to form a personal opinion but it’s been generally accepted for decades now, by both liberal and conservative alike, that they lean left.

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