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Selective Outrage

A billboard similar to the photo above that raised the hackles of some folks and was apparently paid for by an Iowa Tea Party group has now been torn down according to an Iowa television station.

Some anti-Tea Party folks were blasting the sign as racist. On its face, that accusation is ridiculous. There’s nothing racist about it. While I understand the point of the billboard, which is to compare Obama-style socialism with more well-known socialist dictators of the past. Unfortunately, the message got lost in the translation.

To co-opt an Obama-ism, let me be clear…Whoever had this idea, while not a racist, is a complete moron. I understand the comparison but the whole Nazi thing has been totally overdone. Not only that, but the immediate comparison that comes to the mind of most people who might otherwise agree with the intended point, is a violent one. Hitler is responsible for the death of millions of Jews and other minorities that were not considered part of his master race. Lenin’s style of communism is also responsible for mass suffering and death. That’s not the connection you want to make with Obama and still be taken seriously.

On the other hand, you have lots of leftists out there decrying this billboard who were pretty quiet while the same kinds of accusations were being floated on a near-daily basis about President Bush while he was still at the helm. The hypocrisy from that angle is undeniable. Selective outrage at its finest. Gotta love it.


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