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Polly Want a Cracka?

I hate white people, all of them. Every last iota of a cracker, I hate him. We didn’t come out here to play this game. There’s too much serious business going on in the black community to be out here sliding through South Street with white dirty cracker whore [BLEEP ] on our arms and we call ourselves black men with African garb on. What the hell is wrong with you, black man? You had a [inaudible] with a white girl on your damn arm. You want freedom? You are going to have to kill some crackers. You are going to have to kill some of their babies.

Isn’t that just beautiful? It’s pure poetry, isn’t it? It just sort of rolls right off the tongue. It’s prose of the highest order in the English language. This “man” should be very proud of himself for improvising such art of the highest order.

His name is Minister King Shamir Shabazz, a member of the New Black Panther Party. He is one of two members of this radical party who were filmed outside a Philadelphia voting precinct, intimidating voters during the November 2008 Presidential election. The Bush administration took the issue to court and a judgment had apparently been reached when someone within the Obama Justice Department ordered that the case be dropped. One of the official “reasons” given for the case being dropped was that Shabazz was ordered not to take a weapon near a polling place through 2012. So, is it okay to do that AFTER 2012? I’m just sayin’…

The Justice Department has also said that no voters had claimed any intimidation occurred and that there was “insufficient evidence”. Have the folks claiming this actually watched the video? It clearly shows the two New Black Panther Party members outside the precinct, dressed in some type of military garb and Shabazz wielding a nightstick. This also includes footage of the comments quoted at the beginning of this post.

J. Christian Adams, a voting rights attorney with the DOJ, who resigned because of this, wrote the following in the Washington Times…

That claim is false. If the actions in Philadelphia do not constitute voter intimidation, it is hard to imagine what would, short of an actual outbreak of violence at the polls.

Adams says the dismissal of the case “was motivated by a lawless hostility toward equal enforcement of the law.”

The current leader of the New Black Panther Party, Malik Shabazz, had this to say when asked if he condoned the comments by King Shamir Shabazz about killing “crackers” and “their babies”…

I’ll say this. The New Black Panther Party does not believe in going out on the streets and berating black people. We don’t believe in getting up and attacking our people in the streets. We don’t believe in telegraphing what we may or may not do.

So he’s more concerned about another black man being berated in public than a outright call to violence against innocent people? Nice.

When asked to clarify if he agreed with the killing of white “crackers” and “their babies”, Malik Shabazz responded, “Not in that context, no, sir.” So, let me get this straight…There must be a context in which it’s OK, then? Apparently, it’s that context where the baby is menacing and threatening toward one of his people. Yeah, that’s it. I’ve often felt threatened by “cracker babies” myself, ya know?

It’s just another in a long list of offenses against the Obama administration. I wonder what would’ve happened if the people intimidating voters had looked like these folks…


4 Responses

  1. The dismissal of this case is absolutely outrageous! There was no reason to drop this case. This DOJ is humiliating!
    The fact that so many are ignoring this racism is also incredible. I am so tired of this attitude that it’s only racism if it’s directed at black people. This guy goes around talking about killing white babies! How are there not more people outraged by this??

  2. Right on, my friend. I actually thought to myself one day, “Where is the so called Rev. Sharpton? Where is the so called Rev. Jesse Jackson?” Are civil rights not pertainable to all people regardless of the color of their skin? So I made a call. I know you’ll be astonished, but I have yet to receive a return call from the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. Why aren’t people outraged about this?? I am just as disgusted at white people who spew hatred and violence toward other races, why aren’t people voicing the same disgust? Racism is racism. Or so I thought….

    • Speaking of the “Reverend” Sharpton, he is actually supposed to be here in the Indianapolis area this weekend. Abdul, of “Abdul in the Morning” on AM 1430, is going to be reporting on his visit on his show on Monday.

  3. […] on July 9th, I wrote about the voter intimidation case involving King Shamir Shabazz and how it appeared that someone in the Obama administration had […]

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