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The Entitlement Mentality at Its Finest

I’d say that Pete Stark has embarrassed himself in front of the voters on several occasions but I guess that’d be a lie since it doesn’t seem like he actually feels all that bad about his arrogance. The following videos pretty much speak for themselves…

Unfortunately, there are quite a few more videos on Youtube and, I’m sure, elsewhere on the internet showing this man’s stupidity and arrogance. Why do we keep electing people like this? Is it because of the “Congress sucks but my representatives don’t” mentality that it seems a majority of the voters have?

The only other alternative is that the voters are too stupid to know the difference and I don’t believe that lie. We need to get over the notion that it’s always the other guy in Congress who sucks. Let’s do some research and find out where our representatives actually stand on the issues. Not only that but elitist pigs like Stark, regardless of party affiliation, should be forced to enjoy another occupation or retirement because they certainly aren’t representing anyone’s interests but their own. It’s the entitlement mentality at its finest.


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