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Spill, Baby Spill!

I’m sure someone else has already used the title of this post, most likely a liberal who nearly has a coronary at the sight or sound of Sarah Palin. Then again, Palin’s voice really is sort of annoying but the thought of a progressive being that bent out of shape over a conservative woman really warms my heart. {wink, wink}

Now some random points on the spill…

  • The spill is BP’s fault. Period.
  • The lion’s share of the blame for the lack of a response to the spill is the federal government’s. That blame starts at the top. President Obama didn’t initially treat this with the importance that it deserved.
  • Environmentalists be damned…The spill needs to be cleaned up ASAP. Get some people down there and start cleaning this thing up. We don’t need to waste weeks or even days, for that matter, putting together and waiting for studies to see what is going to be the safest cleanup. I’ve seen several demos of processes that could work to clean up this thing. Pick one and do it. If that doesn’t work, pick another one.
  • The Bush administration had no part in this whatsoever. Obama has been just as or more cozy with “Big Oil” as Bush was. Get over it and assess blame where it’s due.
  • Let’s get this straight…Obama said he hadn’t yet talked to BP’s CEO because “he’s going to say all the right things to me”? Umm…What does that mean? This is the same guy who said the police “acted stupidly” before having any evidence to support his claim or even talking to the police, for that matter. Good call, Mr. President.
  • The only thing the Obama administration has done right during this whole fiasco is keeping a muzzle on The Gaffer.
  • The cap and trade legislation sucks. I’m just sayin’…
  • Not even two years into his Presidency, Obama already seems to have more acronyms used in reference to him than any other President: POTUS, SCOTUS, TOTUS, and now…AKOTUS.
  • Perhaps if Obama spent less time trying to sound tough and finding someone’s ass to kick, we might actually be getting somewhere.

By the way, all this “Boycott BP!” business is worthless. You’ll only succeed in hurting the “little” guy who owns the station and, in the end, BP won’t notice it any more than an elephant notices a tick in its hide.




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