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Those Crazy, Violent, and Racist Congressmen…

Politicians and pundits alike have spent much of the past two years belittling, slandering, and basically just flat-out lying about the members of the Tea Party movement. Tea Partiers have been called basically every name in the book in an Alinsky-esque attempt at torpedoing the movement. There’ve even been  attempts by some leftists at infiltrating the loosely-organized party as if it’s some secretive organization bent on destroying America, in an attempt to collapse it from within by posing as simpletons, racists, hatemongers, and purveyors of violence. For more information on that, see my post titled “Tea Party Crashers”.

Anyway, while those same lefties have been busy floundering in their efforts to produce barely a scrap of evidence to support their claims against the Tea Party movement, it seems as if they should just concentrate on actual evidence of such thuggery from within their own ranks. Case in point, Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-NC). Check out the following video of his assault on a college student simply attempting to ask him a question…

Obviously, the student isn’t seriously injured during the incident but you’d better believe that this would make headlines in many major newspapers and would certainly flare up anti-Tea Party sentiments on the major networks once again if it were a member of that party physically assaulting a politician.

Remember the claims that Tea Party protesters were shouting racial slurs at some black Congressmen back when the healthcare reform vote was occurring? I’ve yet to see any video or hear any audio backing up those claims. It was such a major protest and well publicized that you’d think someone somewhere would at least have recorded some audio of those slurs or recorded even a small amount of video of the occurrence.

I think it’s time to concentrate on real evidence of stupidity, hatred, and violence from those crazy Congressmen, don’t you?



One Response

  1. Indeed, the media bias has always leaned left, but they dialed up the level of crazy within the past couple years. Now the liberals KNOW they own the media. “I got your back” is no longer just a quip….

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