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Papers, Please!?

If you believe the hysteria in the press and the vitriol being displayed by liberals across the country, you’d think that the state of Arizona was now being controlled by the Nazi party. Unfortunately, as is often the case, this hysteria and vitriol are misplaced, much of it purposely so.

Opponents and race baiters are claiming that the police will now be able to just randomly stop any person who “doesn’t look right” and say something to the effect of “Papers, please!” Unfortunately for them, they’re either getting it mistakenly and completely wrong or they’re lying. The law doesn’t allow for that. It states that in order for someone to be questioned by the police about their immigration status, they must already be engaged in a “lawful contact”, i.e. the person has violated some other law already.

Much of the misplaced rage is directed towards the fact that you might be asked to show your “papers” at all. However, don’t police already have the legal right to ask you for your license, proof of insurance, etc.? Yes, if you’ve done nothing wrong, being asked for your “papers” is indeed a problem and a violation of civil rights. However, when you’re already suspected of a crime, that’s the usual course of the duties of a policeman. Should I now yell “Help, help. I’m being repressed!” the next time I get pulled over for a traffic violation?

President Obama has also chimed in the new law…

But now suddenly if you don’t have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you’re going to be harassed. That’s something that could potentially happen.

Umm…Sorry, Mr. President. That isn’t going to happen unless perhaps you’re robbing the store at the time.


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