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Tea Party Crashers

I’ve not written about the Tea Party movement on this blog before, the reason being that I really cannot stand political protests, gatherings, etc. I suppose I tend to consider myself to be an independent thinker and these types of movements strike me as completely opposite that. I don’t like groupthink or anything I perceive as a mob mentality. Even though I know of intelligent, decent people who are part of the tea party movement, I’ve just never been able to get behind it because of this.

However, the more criticism I hear of the “Teabaggers” and the downright mean-spirited insults hurled in their direction, the more I’m thinking they probably have it right. That and probably a good dose of spite is changing my attitude towards these folks.

In the last few weeks, hearing all the criticisms coming mostly from the leftist myrmidons in this country, I began wondering if perhaps a good portion of the claims of racism in the Tea Party ranks might be coming from those who’ve wormed their way into it in order to destroy it from within. I pretty much dismissed those thoughts right away, thinking something along the lines of “Nah, that’s just too conspiratorial” or “No one’s really that big a loser, are they?”

Well, those thoughts were confirmed when I read an article about Tea Party foes who planned to do just that, i.e. infiltrate the group. Opponents of the Tea Party are apparently planning or have already planned to try dismantling the group from within by making its members appear racist, homophobic, and moronic. This group of folks is actually organized by Jason Levin, creator of crashtheteaparty.org. Levin says the group has 65 leaders in major cities around the country and are recruiting members for the April 15th Tea Party tax rallies.

Every time we have someone on camera saying that Barack Obama isn’t an American citizen, we want someone sitting next to him saying, ‘That’s right, he’s an alien from outer space!'”

Do I think every member of the tea party is a homophobe, racist or a moron? No, absolutely not. Do I think most of them are homophobes, racists or morons? Absolutely.”

Levin says that they want to dismantle the Tea Party by nonviolent means. I suppose that’s good that there’s SOMETHING they consider below themselves but is that really something to be proud of when you’re still engaging in immoral behavior, which is basically lying about and slandering a large group of patriotic American citizens?

This makes you wonder what the Tea Party foes really fear. You’d think if they were confident of their own beliefs and message that those things would be able to stand on their own merit. But that’s rarely the case when so much energy and time is expended to demonize, diminish, and destroy something like the Tea Party movement. I agree with Bob MacGuffie, a Connecticut organizer for Right Principles, when he says “They can’t actually debate our message and that’s their problem”.

Judy Pepenella, co-coordinator for the New York State Tea party says…

We’ve been ignored, we’ve been ridiculed. Well, now they’re coming after us. Gandhi’s quote is one we understand: ‘First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.’

Big spenders, those in favor of government expansion, and those who ignore the Constitution better take notice. The “Teabaggers” aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and your jobs are at stake. You’d be well-served to pay heed and put down the crack pipe of power and prestige that you’ve been smoking on the job.


6 Responses

  1. The left is adamantly opposed to the idea of a return to historic constitutional principals…that being limited federal government…and will stop at nothing to push their “progressive” socialist agenda down the throats of the American people.

    Dave, you wrote:

    “The Teabaggers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon ”

    I would make one suggestion to you. Do not use the term “teabagger” when referring to those in the tea party movement. Teabagger is a condescending term developed by the left to marginalize these people.

    • I realize the term is supposed to be condescending. However, so was the term “Christian” originally before folks started using it to describe themselves. In the same way, I think it would be a good thing for those in the Tea Party movement to adopt it as a term. That would kinda take the sting out of it, wouldn’t it?

  2. I’ve heard that the term “Christian” had a negative connotation when it was first adopted but haven’t really run across any evidence of that other than anyone who was considered to be a follower of Jesus was called a Christian…thus, anyone who believed Jesus was the Christ was looked upon as a blasphemer. My point is that it’s origin is unique to it’s meaning.

    Not so for the term “teabagger”, That comes with a prior definition.

    Maybe it’s just a matter of personal preference as I just don’t like the term. In the same way, I don’t think the increased use of the word “nigger” in the black community has take the sting out of it..

  3. I just looked up some definitions of the term and there is one definition from the Urban Dictionary that is quite crass…


  4. And that is the one definition most people associate with the word.

    It’s just not a nice word to use.

  5. I honestly hadn’t heard that definition before, so I was completely unaware.

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