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From the Non-Fiction Section…

Sometimes you just can’t make stuff like this up…

Canada’s Lisa Murphy has come up with a novel idea…A pornographic book for the blind. Yes, those lustful sight-challenged individuals apparently just can’t get along without some additional assistance.

The book, called “Tactile Minds”, has been designed to be “enjoyed” by the blind and visually impaired. It includes 17 RAISED images, including a naked woman in a ‘disco pose’ and also a ‘male love robot’.

Ms. Murphy was apparently motivated to action because of the dire need to explore this uncharted wilderness:

There are no books of tactile pictures of nudes for adults…We’re breaking new ground. Playboy has an edition with Braille wording, but there are no pictures.

The blind have been left out in a culture saturated with sexual images.

The book can be purchased for approximately $225, so it’s apparently priced for those blind AND hormonally-charged individuals with a bit of cash to spare.


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