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Brit Feline Goes Postal

Mailmen here in the United States sometimes have to deal with unruly dogs who don’t take well to postal workers. It’s one of the hazards of the profession and those dedicated workers sometimes are even unable to deliver the mail to certain residences if the cantankerous canines put up enough of a fuss. Perhaps some of our postal workers’ foreign brethren aren’t made up of as hardy a stock, though. Either that or English felines have usurped the traditional role of man’s best friend…or postal worker’s worst enemy.

Case in point…Nineteen-year old Tiger. This four-legged geriatric furball has apparently made an enemy of the local “posties” (as they’re sometimes called in jolly old England), so much so that they’ve boycotted the home of owner Tracy Brayshaw. Mrs. Brayshaw says the moody mouser sleeps about twenty hours a day but is often ready to rumble when mail arrives.

Mrs. Brayshaw said…

There have been three incidents where Tiger’s jumped through the cat flap and is said to have scratched a postie, so they’ve decided to suspend our post.

Mrs. Brayshaw’s 17-year old daughter, Amy, claims the criminal cat is mostly harmless…

Tiger sleeps, he drools when he sleeps and he likes climbing trees, but in the space of three weeks we’ve had our post banned because he has attacked the postman.

Apparently he attacked one postman on the leg and on the arm and chased him down the garden path.He is very territorial but he’s just an average cat really. We are all saying it’s health and safety gone mad.

He wakes up in the middle of the night meowing because he just wants some attention. He’s not a monster.

The Royal Mail has released an official statement on the matter:

We are sorry for the inconvenience to Mrs Brayshaw and, as we want to resume delivery of mail to her address as quickly as possible, we’re trying to agree a way to do this and avoid our employees suffering further nasty injuries, as has happened three times already.

At press time, it was unclear whether Tiger planned on releasing a statement or holding a press conference as it might interrupt his napping schedule.

American canines are reportedly ashamed that their British counterparts have apparently given up on a long-held tradition of mailman mayhem.

In unrelated news, sales of the Snuggy for Dogs have reportedly gone on the upswing in Great Britain…


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