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Whatever it Takes

Whatever it takes. It’s a bloody game. Turn about is fair play. You had 8 of the most corrupt years ever. Now you get to watch as karma comes back to bite your asses. Pelosi will get her votes.

The political games in Washington seem to mount day after day. I thought most people were sick of it and I think that’s true to some degree. However, there are many within the Democratic party who aren’t quite ready to give up the shenanigans, underhanded tactics, and downright corrupt actions.

The above comment was copied from an internet message board that I frequent and was made in response to a statement I made about a good portion of the stimulus money being held back and that I thought the Democrats may be planning on using it to bolster their chances in the November election by releasing it at just the right time. This person’s response encapsulates the political atmosphere in Washington D.C., in my opinion. We saw spending and corruption both skyrocket with the Republicans in control of Congress through 2006. When the Democrats took over, Nancy Pelosi said things would be different. Heck, President Obama’s main campaign slogan was “Change”. Things were supposed to be different. Obviously, they haven’t been.

One of the changes Pelosi promisedĀ  was that the corruption would be cleaned up. Well, we see how that’s turned out, haven’t we? Have you heard of Charlie Rangel, “Cold Cash” Jefferson, all the tax cheats nominated to positions within the Obama administration, and all the others who don’t come to mind right now? It’s like someone pressed rewind on the celestial remote control and is playing back the worst parts of the previously Republican-controlled congress.

Another one of the changes promised by the Obama administration is that former lobbyists would not be appointed to jobs in his White House. Well, that pledge was violated almost immediately after his taking office. At last count, at least a dozen or more former lobbyists were working in the President’s administration.

The Democrats in congress better wise up because it’s looking more and more like the Republicans are going to take control again after the elections later this year. I’m betting they’ll start pulling the same kind of crap the Democrats have been pulling since 2007.


2 Responses

  1. I certainly didnt agree with every decision that the republicans made previously, however, the shady characters in this administration are looking more and more like an episode of Dick Tracy than an actual government. I don’t see how the previous adminstration compares in anyway to this one.

  2. Well, I’m not necessarily comparing the level of corruption just the fact that both parties are corrupt. At some point, the level doesn’t even matter. Both parties need to clean house and throw the garbage out.

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