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Debt Is His Business…And Business Is Good!

Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of your typical Washington D.C. politician? It can be a maddening exercise in futility. My advice is not to try it. You probably can’t relate. Anyway, try relating to this…

After a decade of profligacy, the American people are tired of politicians who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk when it comes to fiscal responsibility. It’s easy to get up in front of the cameras and rant against exploding deficits. What’s hard is actually getting deficits under control. But that’s what we must do. Like families across the country, we have to take responsibility for every dollar we spend.

The above quote was uttered by President Obama last week after he authorized the U.S. Treasury to borrow an additional $1.9 trillion. Of course, in typical fashion, he and his administration continue to blame the previous occupant of the White House. The time has come for Obama to end that nonsense and start taking responsibility for his own recklessness.

To put the numbers in perspective, consider the following from CNSNews.com:

To put Obama’s Olympian hypocrisy in perspective, one need only examine the federal budget tables posted on the White House website by Obama’s own Office of Management and Budget.

They reveal these startling facts: When calculated by the average annual percentage of the Gross Domestic Product that he will spend during his presidency, Obama is on track to become the biggest-spending president since 1930, the earliest year reported on the OMB’s historical chart of spending as a percentage of GDP. When calculated by the average annual percentage of GDP he will borrow during his presidency, Obama is on track to become the greatest debter president since Franklin Roosevelt.

Obama will outspend and out-borrow the admittedly profligate George W. Bush, a man Obama and his lieutenants routinely malign for fiscal recklessness and who, when in office, was often hailed even by his allies as a Big Government Republican. Obama will even outspend—but not quite out-borrow—his fellow welfare-state liberal FDR, who had to contend with both the Depression and World War II.

Read the rest of the article. The numbers aren’t good and aren’t likely to get any better throughout the rest of Obama’s term (notice I said “term”, as in singular).

We also continue to hear the mantra that the so-called stimulus package worked and that it has created or “saved” two million jobs. This, of course, is regardless of the fact that there were also millions of jobs LOST in the same time period. In other words, the jobs saved or lost malarkey doesn’t really mean anything other than to try to make a disastrous bill look like the proverbial pig with lipstick. Of course, most of that number they’re throwing around are government jobs. Go figure.

This Congress and President are spending us into utter oblivion and we weren’t far from there without their help. Do we want to end up like Greece or shall we just bury our heads in the sand and keep forking out the dough?

I like how the above quoted article closes…

“The bottom line on Obama: He puts our money where his mouth is.”


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