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Global War…Oops…Climate Change

Has anyone noticed how, over the last few years, the man-maders have changed their tune from singing “Global warming” to “climate change”? It’s funny how it’s coincided with the plateauing and gradual decrease in temperatures over the last decade or so.

I’m not going to say that I’m 100% convinced that man plays no part in the general warming trend the earth has seen over the past few decades. However, I’m increasingly leaning in that direction as I witness temperatures now on the decline despite what we’ve been told by the so-called experts in the field ever since I was old enough to even begin to understand what it was all about.

Most seem to ignore the fact that the activity occurring on the sun seems have a much stronger correlation with the rise and fall of global temperatures than does the rise in CO2 levels.

It also seems to completely ignore the normal rise and fall of temperatures all over the globe which are part of the typical cycle that the earth goes through.

This isn’t all to say that I’ve completely made up my mind. I’m no scientist but I have put a lot of study into it and I don’t just believe everything I hear from the so-called experts. Despite popular opinion in the man-maders camp, there is not a scientific consensus.

Regardless, folks like Al Gore continue to proselytize for his cause while seemingly fattening his wallet in the process. Be careful Mr. Gore, that fat wallet can give you a really bad back…


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