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Mr. President…Statement, Please?!

I will not use signing statements to nullify or undermine congressional instructions as enacted into law. – Barack Obama

That flushing sound you hear is yet another Obama promise going down the crapper.

If you don’t know what a signing statement is, it is basically a written pronouncement that a President writes upon the signing of a bill sent to him by Congress. There are three basic categories of signing statements but the controversial type is the one used excessively by former President George W. Bush. During his time, many roundly criticized him for his usage of them and rightly so, in my opinion. He used them to unconstitutionally circumvent the some of the laws that he was signing. On Bush’s use of these statements, now President Obama had this to say (also from Boston.com):

The fact that President Bush has issued signing statements to challenge over 1100 laws – more than any president in history – is a clear abuse of this prerogative. No one doubts that it is appropriate to use signing statements to protect a president’s constitutional prerogatives; unfortunately, the Bush Administration has gone much further than that.

Unfortunately, it now seems that President Obama has taken a liking to this type of editorial control over our nation’s new laws. Even some well-known and high-ranking Democrats have publicly criticized him for this (from TalkLeft.com):

The idea, at least to me, is that the problem with signing statements was the President’s bypassing of the constitutionally structured method of making laws AND reviewing their legality and constitutionality. Without a clearcut Supreme Court precedent on point, it seems to me the President is the one usurping here.

Some Democratic members of Congress like Barney Frank have also spoken out against the use of these statements. In other words, this isn’t something that’s only been dredged up by those dreaded Republican zombies.

Speaking of zombies, I recently saw a hilarious video that makes good fun of the Republican Party…


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