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In the Name of an Emergency

On the negative side he has failed to reduce the cost of federal government, to balance the budget, to maintain a “sound currency,” to take government out of business, or to maintain the fundamental principles of the American order. He has led us into an orgy of wild spending undreamed of prior to his administration, “piled commission on commission and bureau on bureau,” and set up, or tried to set up, a federal dictatorship over all the various factors that affect the lives of our citizens. He has flouted the Constitution which he swore an oath to support. He has made a laughing stock of the sanctity of our national promises. And he has done all this in the name of an emergency which, if it ever did justify such actions, certainly justifies them no longer.

On first examination, the above quote might appear to be directed towards our current President Barack Obama. However, this was written about President Roosevelt by former adviser Paul Warburg.

The part that caught my attention was “He has done all this in the name of an emergency”. Emergency? Where have we heard that over the last year? Bailouts, healthcare, etc., etc. There have been several bills that have been rammed through Congress that we have been told are “emergencies”. They need to be passed NOW. Obama’s own Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, was even quoted as saying never to let “a good crisis go to waste”.

It seems like we’re on the path to repeat history and perhaps even surpass it. I would hope not.


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