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Jobs "Saved"?

Have you noticed lately how the Obama administration is parroting the notion of “jobs saved” to avoid the embarrassment that is the failure of the stimulus bill? White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs claims 1.5 million jobs saved. Political consultant David Axelrod says that it’s more along the lines of 2 million. Meanwhile, Obama aide Valerie Jarrett says that it’s “thousands and thousands”.

But is that even the real point here? As Glenn Beck points out, this has many in the media clamoring about how many really have been saved and not about whether there’ve even been any jobs actually saved at all. The strategy has worked. I’ve heard multiple stories over the past couple of days about what the real number actually is. What I haven’t heard much of is any good investigative reporting to show whether or not the notion of “saved jobs” is actually legitimate to begin with.

I will give great credit, though, to veteran reporter Jamie Dupree, who has reported out of Washington D.C. for over twenty years now. In an article posted this morning, Dupree notes…

Now let’s review. The big winners in the states of Georgia, Florida, Ohio and Oklahoma were clear. But why did they have so much money than the other districts?

Well, that’s an easy answer. Those districts are where the state capitals are located.

So the recovery.gov people are counting all the money that is sent to the state governments as “jobs created” in that specific district, even though the money might be doled out elsewhere.

No wonder a new CNN poll says that 3 of 4 Americans say at least half of the stimulus money has been wasted. It will be very difficult for the White House to erase that kind of gut feeling among voters.

In other words, it looks like the Obama administration is playing games with the numbers and, unfortunately, much of the press and public is watching the right hand while the left hand is busy doing something else behind their proverbial backs.

Click here to read Dupree’s full article.


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