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Wake-Up Call?

I stated in my blog yesterday that a Republican last held the Senate seat formerly occupied by Ted Kennedy in 1952. That is until yesterday. Well, once Brown is sworn in anyway.

This Republican victory not only causes the Democrats to lose their 60-40 majority in the Senate but it also puts their wildly unpopular healthcare reform bill in serious jeopardy. I’ll hold my breath to celebrate until that actually happens, though, because who knows what will transpire.

My question is, will the Democrats, and I’m speaking to the REAL Democrats here, not the uber-left, progressive wing of the party…will they learn a lesson from this election? I heard someone mention on television last night (I think it was Rachel Maddow’s show) that 92% of the people in Massachusetts have healthcare already so this election really had nothing to do with the Dem’s attempts at healthcare reform. Um…I just wonder if this person has payed attention at all over the last couple of weeks. I heard it mentioned ALL the time, not only by both candidates in the race, but by others, including citizens of that state. It IS at least partially about healthcare reform because it will effect EVERYONE in this country, not just those outside of Massachusetts.

But the current healthcare reform bill is really just a part of the overall puzzle. People are sick of omnibus bills being rammed through Congress with nary a look inside from those who are voting on them. People are sick of the out-of-control spending by politicians from both parties at the expense of our country’s economy. People are sick of our freedoms being usurped in favor of promised security which will likely never happen anyway.

I also want to caution conservative voters who are elated about Brown’s victory last night. Don’t lose sight that the Republican party also does not have that great of a track record in recent years of doing the will of the people. I’m cautiously optimistic about Brown but, due to past indiscretions by a political party I once considered myself a member of, I’m not yet ready to say that I think the Republicans are on the right track.


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