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1952…That’s the last year in which a Republican occupied the Senate seat that is up for grabs in Massachusetts today. Republican Scott Brown is coming into today’s vote with all the momentum and was shown ahead by +5 or better in the polls that I’ve seen and I’ve heard that other polls showed him even further ahead than that. I hope that holds true.

Normally, I wouldn’t normally be all that excited about this kind of race but considering what is at stake in the Senate, I’m much more interested in the outcome. Honestly, Brown is more to the left than I would like. He’s not a conservative and he doesn’t represent my views in some important areas. However, considering the breakneck speed at which the Obama administration and Pelosi/Reid are ramming crap bills through Congress, I find myself rooting for the Republican this time. I can’t say that I’m all that excited about the guy as an actual candidate but the symbolism that his victory would represent is immense.

Not only would this be the first time in nearly 60 years that a Republican would occupy this seat but he would be replacing the venerable Ted Kennedy, the “lion of the Senate” (I always hated that term…). And even though most Democrats probably won’t admit it (or they would through clenched teeth), this is, to a great degree, a referendum on the liberal agenda. Besides all that, it’s just plain amazing that a Republican is even remotely close to putting up a decent fight for a congressional seat in a state that is deeply blue, where there are no Republicans occupying either a Senate seat or a place in the House of Representatives.

For those of you who are unaware of other candidates running for this seat, there actually is a Kennedy running in this election, Joe Kennedy (not related to the famous Kennedy clan). He is a registered independent and also a member of the National Libertarian Party. I only wish he had a real shot at winning this race because he would be my ideal candidate.

This is an important election. No doubt about it. And though it would be amazing for a Republican to even come close to pulling this off, it’ll be that much sweeter if it actually happens.


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