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Nutjobs Abound

Over the previous two days, I posted about two nutjobs, Pat Robertson and Danny Glover. Both of them had outrageous comments to make regarding what they thought was the cause of the earthquake in Haiti.  How about this…THE CAUSE OF THE EARTHQUAKE WAS BECAUSE HAITI RESTS RIGHT ON A MAJOR FAULT AND THEY HAPPEN EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE. HELLO, PEOPLE!!!

That leads me to another class of scumbag altogether, the folks at Westboro Baptist Church, otherwise known online as GodHatesFags. I just KNEW that they would have some comment about this disaster being a judgment from God or something like that. Well, they certainly didn’t disappoint. Just take a gander at the photo above. That pretty much sums up their entire bag of tricks.

The inbreds at Westboro Baptist Church pretty much believe that they are the only ones on the face of the earth that follow the one and true God. Unfortunately for them, the god they are following is no god at all but some imagined, wrath-filled, angry deity in the sky who more closely resembles the moody and mythical gods from Mount Olympus than the all-powerful heavenly Father described in the Bible.

Since the picture above doesn’t adequately describe the seething pure hatred that these people consistently vomit from their filthy mouths, here’s a snippet from the RSS feed of theirs that I follow to keep track of them…

Our God is on the move!  He reached down and shook the perverse people of Haiti this week – where they brag about their 100% lock-step endorsement of their ‘voodoo’ religion, upon which some 80% of them have overlain a layer of fecal matter called the catholic pedophile monstrosity … which fit just nicely in the mix.  And of course, not to be outdone on the perversion index, the people of Doomed america – taking their cues from The Beast in the Whitehouse – have intensified their rebellion by NOT giving God the glory for that smiting blow and by NOT humbling themselves to Him in the matter and by NOT singing the righteousness of that judgment … instead calling it cruel (not – it is a kindness that any remain alive there or in this nation) and incomprehensible (not – it is EXACTLY comprehensible and EXACTLY fitting and EXACTLY predictable).

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