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In a recent debate between Martha Coakley (D) and Scott Brown (R) in Massachusetts for the vacant Senate seat formerly occupied by Ted Kennedy, Brown drove home the point that the seat is not Ted Kennedy’s seat, as Democrats have referred to it, but that it is the people’s seat. He’s right.

You would have thought that in Massachusetts, the spot in the Senate fomerly occupied by Ted Kennedy, the so-called “Lion of the Senate”, would be safely secured by a Democrat. However, Scott Brown is currently entrenched in a close race for that seat. Part of the reason why, in my opinion, is the sense of entitlement that the Democrats feel regarding Kennedy’s former position.

I believe the people are sick of how politicians from both of the major parties seem to believe that they are somehow entitled to do whatever they please as employees of the people they represent. You see it just about every day, with dinosaur politicians brushing off criticism and ignoring the people. Yes, I understand that, in this country, Senators and Representatives are not merely in those offices to parrot the will of the people. That would most certainly lead to mob rule, which would benefit no one in the end. However, to a large degree they certainly do answer to those whom they represent.

It doesn’t end there, however. This sickness infects most layers of our society, demonstrated aptly by the photo at the top of this article. Just drive down a major highway like I do on a daily basis and watch as entitled drivers speed, tailgate, cut off, and otherwise bully other drivers in their attempt to reach a location that they most likely don’t really even want to be in the first place. I’m not exempt from that, either. I know that at times I’ve fallen prey to it to one degree or another and it’s something that I try to constantly guard against.

We, as a society, feel we’re entitled to just about everything. Keep in mind that we as human beings are really not entitled to anything. Our true freedoms come from an almighty God but he’s not obligated to bow to our every whim when it comes to living in those freedoms.


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