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The Return of the Snuggie

In a previous post, I tore The Snuggie a proverbial new one. Since then, this extremely dorky product’s popularity has skyrocketed. Yes, the commercials for this product are entertaining in a strange, twisted way, yet I would somehow like to think that I was partly responsible for its meteoric rise to the top. After all, it’s gotten a whopping 51 page views in its nearly 400 days of existence. That works out to slightly more than 1/8 of a page view per day. Wow! Perhaps I should expect a royalties check in the mail any day now?

In my ever-alert state of awareness and Snuggie-fueled determination, I will try my best to boost their sales even more. My goal is to achieve as high as 1/4 of a view per day between the now two pages dedicated to this most excellent product.

As you can see by the above borrowed chart (can’t take credit for this one…), The Snuggie allows you to do all sorts of things at a much higher level, thus increasing your productivity, all the while enhancing your dorkdom. Those are two benefits that you just should not pass up.

In an effort to remain hip and stylish, the makers of The Snuggie have released newer versions of their product (pictured below) and even a Snuggie meant to humiliate and emasculate your favorite pooch (also pictured below).

Please, I implore you, if you are experiencing the universal problem of having too much popularity, ORDER A SNUGGIE NOW!

This author not responsible for eggings, beatings, or verbal smackdowns that may result from the ownership and/or wearing of The Snuggie. Please contact the manufacturer of The Snuggie for any claims related to this product.

2 Responses

  1. I’m offended that you didn’t use Ramsey in your doggie Snuggie picture. 🙂

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