Dir. of CFI and a Local CEO Live In a Van by I-65 to Get People to "Fork Out" Cash for Student Mentoring Program

Reprinted with the kind permission of Darren Heil, Director of CFI.

December 09, 2009

Daniel Herndon, CEO of Redwall LIVE: Experiential Marketing Company, and Darren Heil, Director of CFI (Community First Initiative), in an effort to raise support for CFI’s 40 Developmental Asset Mentoring Programs will live in a 1970’s cargo van underneath an interactive digital billboard featuring live updates via web cam and twitter. The billboard is located along Interstate 65, south of Southport Road. Through the program ForkOut.org the experience will be broadcast live via the web along with twitter updates at the http://www.forkout.org website. Passers by will also be able to view still-shots of the story on the digital billboard. The Campaign is supported by Pet Supplies ‘Plus’ a chain of four Indianapolis area stores and also Deep Ripples an Organic Search Marketing Company.

Indianapolis, IN – December 9, 2009 – Starting on December 9th Darren Heil and Daniel Herndon will live inside a 1970’s Van with limited supplies. A complete web broadcast of the event can be followed at http://www.forkout.org where visitors can donate online. The leaders could be housed in the van for as long as 10 days or until they achieve at least 50% of their goal of $25,000 in support commitments for the organization. The Volunteer mentors will be committing time throughout the ten days to solicit donations from friends and business contacts by phone. The billboard under which the van will be parked will feature a frequently updated display of the event also broadcasting live at the forkout.org website. Darren Heil explains, “CFI exists to help schools make a positive impact in the personal development of their students.” Heil states the goal that CFI wants to achieve: “This event will help raise funds for two new programs which are launching in January of 2010.” Visitors can donate at www.forkout.org or call in commitments at 317-663-7605. Restaurants donating meals or companies offering donations will be mentioned in tweets displayed on the billboard with updates every 10 seconds.

Redwall LIVE: Experiential Marketing Partnered with CFI to help garner support for the organization. “It’s imperative that our abilities and resources are used to better the world around us.” States Daniel Herndon, “Even when it infringes on our own personal comforts, it’s a priority for us”. Forkout.org is the giving engine of Redwall LIVE, as Herndon explains. The program was established to connect people to giving situations and worthy organizations. “We want to use technologies and creative tools of modern marketing as we have done in the corporate world” says Herndon. Redwall’s philosophy with forkout.org is that creative philanthropy gets people more engaged, ultimately making a bigger difference in more ways than one.

About CFI (Community First Initiative)CFI’s mission is to partner with local schools and provide specialized mentor programs to help in the personal and professional development of their students. By equipping adults to mentor students through an important chapter of their lives, CFI believes that generational gaps shrink and strong relational connections grow between the different age groups in our community. Communities thrive when adults are engaged in the growth and development of the next generation. Regardless of a student’s educational or socio-economic status, CFI believes that each student can benefit from having a caring adult guide them through important life stages and decisions. Mentoring is a valuable relationship for every student.

You can watch the webcam broadcast and make a donation at Forkout.org.  You can also view the broadcast at USTREAM.TV.


Hate Ratchets it Up Another Notch

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on this blog but when I saw this picture, I knew I had to come out of hibernation and at least mention it. I’ve blogged previously about the GodHatesFags group and the above picture is from another one of their “protests”. I’d previously gotten the notion that they were anti-Semitic along with all their other proclivities but this picture pretty much cemented that thought. Take a look at the sign the child in the middle is holding.  Nice, isn’t it? It’s good to know that hate knows no boundaries.

I’m glad God’s more merciful than I am or these folks, along with their false prophet preacher man, would’ve been condemned a long time ago.