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Random Thoughts: Keith "Rip 'n Read" Olbermann

Keith Olbermann…He was great on SportsCenter back in the day. Now he’s the bastion of liberal television talk shows. He gained most of his recent notoriety by seemingly daily ripping into President Bush for just about everything under the sun. Now he’s seen as one of the lefty cheerleaders for President Obama. Anyway, just a few random thoughts…

  • Is anyone more sanctimonious than this guy? Seriously, I watch and listen to a lot of talk shows all across the political spectrum and I hear a lot of anger from all sides but his seems more manufactured than just about anyone I’ve ever heard.
  • I just watched Olbermann talked about Presidential vacations, saying that Bush spent nearly 1/3 of his Presidency on vacation. Ummm…Yeah.  I’m sure those vacation days were spent relaxing, doing absolutely no work at all…{wink, wink}
  • Olbermann’s “World Best Persons”…Tonight’s #3?  Sean Hannity.  “Best continuing fraud…Sean Hannity of Fixed News.”  I don’t like Hannity’s show, radio or TV. However, how much more hypocritical can Olbermann get than calling Fox News, “Fixed News”. Mr. Olbermann, you’re working for MSNBC, not exactly the cupbearers of unbiased journalism.  You might want to think that over. Second, perhaps Hannity should actually make an honest appearance as one of your “best persons” since he’s currently in the midst of his now annual freedom concerts, which benefit our men and women in uniform and their children.
  • I see Keith’s jumping on the Tom Ridge bandwagon (big surprise). Interesting how the left couldn’t stand this guy back in the day. Also, don’t Ridge’s own words from 2004 contradict what he’s saying now? I’m just sayin’…

I’ll close by actually giving Olbermann some credit. He recently gave…WAIT FOR IT!!!…CREDIT to the 9-12 movement started by none other than Glenn Beck.

At its core beneficial, calling, unifying, thoughtful, restore the sense of September 12th, 2001? Not the dread or threat but of collaboration, meeting in the middle somewhere, standing together under one flag and trying to improve the conditions of all Americans.


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