Drive-By: Socialist = Passé

Is it just me or is the “socialist” label becoming rather passe in reference to Obama and his administration? I don’t go as far as some and say that people who use the label should be ignored. Some of those people make good points despite using the overused and somewhat inaccurate label. In all fairness, the trend of enacting socialist or faux-socialist policies started long ago. Regardless, the word is now overused and, consequently, overlooked. It’s effectively lost its meaning.

I liken the usage of the “socialist” term to the use of “fascist” during the Bush administration. Anytime the lefties didn’t like something Bush did, the “fascist” term seemed to rear its ugly head. Of course, some of these same lefties are ones who now seem to have a problem with the “socialist” label. Go figure. Imagine there being hypocrisy in politics.


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