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Tax Burden Myth?

According to the IRS, the top 1 percent of taxpayers paid over 40 percent of all federal income taxes in 2007. That is a higher share than the bottom 95 percent of taxpayers combined! They paid just over 39 percent.

The above info is often used to refute the liberal political theory that the rich don’t pay enough in taxes. You hear Republicans quoting this kind of thing all the time. Are the above numbers true? Probably so. I haven’t heard anyone trying to debunk them. I do think that EVERYONE pays too much in taxes. However, I think they are misleading.

Is it just me or does this whole argument seem misleading? Okay, so the top 1% pay 39% of the tax burden. Big deal. They also earn considerably more money than most people. That isn’t what I’m concerned about. What I’m concerned about is an equitable distribution of the percentage of one’s income that is paid in taxes to our imperial federal government. If we’re to continue using the income tax then it’s wrong, in my opinion, if someone pays a higher percentage of their income because they’re rich or they pay a lower percentage because they’re poor. The percentage should be the same.

I’m a supporter of the Fair Tax. It’s basically a tax on all goods and services sold and is intended to replace the income tax. In this way, if a rich person wants to purchase more goods and services, they are consciously agreeing to also pay more in taxes. They choose to pay them and not have them forcibly removed from their paycheck in the form of an income tax.

But that’s beside the point. My point is that in order for the income tax to be “fair”, if that’s even a possibility, the percentage of income paid in taxes would have to be equal. So let’s dump this whole argument about who pays what percentage of the tax burden and let’s focus on getting an actual fair taxation policy into effect.


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