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Bill Maher – Dumbass

My apologies for the title but what better description is there? Bill Maher has made a living in recent years of saying how dumb he thinks Americans are. He talks about it so much that one has to wonder what he sees in himself that he’s so afraid of that causes him to fixate on something like this.

Hey Bill…I know others have probably already said this but if you hate America so much and the “stupidity” of Americans is so offensive to you, there is no law keeping you here.

Actually, I think I know what Maher’s affliction is. It’s the same one that Anne Coulter suffers from, which is LAM (Look At Me) Syndrome. There’s a double payoff because it gets you attention AND helps you bring in huge coin.

Perhaps Maher and Michael Moore can get together and produce a film on how the people in “Jesus Land” (ala Michael Moore’s map) should be rounded up into internment camps or something like that?


3 Responses

  1. What happened to this guy? He used to be fairly sane not to mention funny but it just seems like he’s gone off the deep end over the last few years. What gives?

  2. This guy not only thinks evryone is stupid, he invites hatred of america. The man also clearly hates the miliotary and shoiuld be put out of his misery

  3. Maher is here to do one thing, make money. The means does not matter to him. If fact, the more people he upsets, the more money he will make. I call it the Howard Stern effect. The more people hate them, the more they listen/watch. After five minutes of watching his show for the first time I turned it off and never watched it again. It was enough for me to deduce he was a “hypocrat” (misspelled purposefully). One of those liberals like Michael Moore, that hates wealthy Americans. He demonizes greed and at the same time epitomizes it as well. If he trully believed in the nonsense he pushes on the public, he’d live in a third world country eating the flies that hovered around him. However he chooses to stay in America and make money. Same can be applied to Moore. I’ll give Maher credit for one thing. He is right about there being many dumb Americans out there, they all watch his show.

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