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Global Warming Guru's Hometown Breaks Summer Cold Record

The gods of global warming have smiled upon Nashville, TN, and allowed a respite from the record breaking heat being experienced there…Wait!  This just in…It actually hasn’t been warming now for about a decade but, you know, Mr. Global Warming Guru apparently doesn’t recognize that. Anyway, when I read about the record-setting summer cold in Nashville, Gore’s hometown, I knew I had to post about it.

Today’s low of 58 degrees broke a record set in 1877. It’s apparently the third consecutive morning where the record has either been tied or broken. The record was also broken on Tuesday, breaking the record of 60, also set in 1877.

Of course, this record cool streak is probably actually due to the effects of global warming. At least that’s the kind of “thinking” that’s been going on in the flat-earth global warming world recently.

Coolest July 21 recorded in Nashville as cool wave continues in Tenn.


7 Responses

  1. I’m all for getting off of Mideast oil, but not for global warming reasons. It seems “a little” counter intuitive to me that the earth is actually cooling despite the logarithmic rise in CO2 ommisions over the same time period.

  2. The latest survey on California’s environmental attitudes showed that 47 percent consider the threat of global warming very serious, a decline of seven percentage points from two years ago.

  3. This is a serious issue.

    • Yes, it is serious. My point is that millions of Americans have been deluded into believing that man-made global warming is real. Regardless, if you can’t have a sense of humor about it, then you’re probably the one with the issue.

  4. Oh, give me a break. Do you really think that global warming means that the entire planet will get hot?
    Educate yourselves. What is happening now, this world freeze and record cold. THAT is global warming.
    Pretending it doesn’t exist.

    • You apparently don’t understand sarcasm as I never said the entire world would get hot.

      Educate yourself. The cooling spell we have been in over the last decade is not being caused by global warming. How foolish is that idea?

      I also never said that global warming has never existed…It has but not over the last 10+ years and it’s most likely nothing to do with human activity and much more closely related to sunspot activity.

      Thanks for playing.

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