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A.O.T.D. (Annoyance of the Day) 7/14/09

Caution: This is NOT an anti-smoking rant! If you want to suck on a cancer stick, feel free to do so as long as you’re not blowing noxious fumes into my face or personal space, property, etc. I’m also not for banning smoking in every public space. You can read my views on that issue here.

This is purely about cigarette butts…I hate them. I’m mowing the law and I find them in my yard. I find them on the sidewalk, in the road, in front of the door at work, etc. What is the deal with you smokers that you can’t put out your frickin’ cigarettes IN AN ASH TRAY RATHER THAN THROWING THEM ANYWHERE YOU DARN WELL FEEL LIKE?

It especially drives me nuts to see people tossing them out their car window as they drive along. Do you people not know how to use the ash tray in your vehicle so you have to use the rest of the world as your trash can? If you’re afraid your vehicle might stink then quit smoking or figure out how to use the ash tray for the sake of everyone else.

Rant over.   🙂


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  1. I’m from Turkey. Very good.

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