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EPA Report Skeptical on Global Warming Suppressed

If you’ve done the research and used your own brain on this whole global warming deal, you probably already know that global temperatures have leveled off over the last decade and even declined. However, the GWNs (Global Warming Nazis) still have lots of money to be made by pushing things like cap and trade legislation and the selling of carbon credits. They have a lot to lose if people in general wake up and realize that man-made global warming may very well be one of the biggest hoaxes ever foisted upon mankind.

Now we have news that a new EPA report has been suppressed by the GWNs. A report by EPA analyst Alan Carlin showing that even though atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have increased, global temperatures have instead declined.

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., has ordered an investigation into why the report was suppressed in light of the recent cap and trade legislation that barely passed the house by a 219-212 vote.

He came out with the truth. They don’t want the truth at the EPA.

It has been noted that Carlin is not a scientist and that would be important if the numbers in his report were actually from his own research. He was merely reporting what he had found from other sources. The EPA said in a statement…

The individual in question is not a scientist and was not part of the working group dealing with this issue. Nevertheless the document he submitted was reviewed by his peers and agency scientists, and information from that report was submitted by his manager to those responsible for developing the proposed endangerment finding. In fact, some ideas from that document are included and addressed in the endangerment finding.

Carlin has an undergraduate degree in physics from CalTech and a PhD in economics from MIT. The 98-page report warns against making hasty decisions based on conclusions made from scientific hypotheses that don’t explain much of the available data.

An EPA official, Al McGartland, said in an e-mail message to a staff researcher “The administrator and the administration has decided to move forward… and your comments do not help the legal or policy case for this decision.”

The EPA sent the following to CBSNews.com about this:

Claims that this individual’s opinions were not considered or studied are entirely false. This Administration and this EPA Administrator are fully committed to openness, transparency and science-based decision making. These principles were reflected throughout the development of the proposed endangerment finding, a process in which a broad array of voices were heard and an inter-agency review was conducted.

After reviewing the scientific literature that the EPA had been using, Carlin said that he had concluded that it was out of date and did not take into account the latest research and findings. “My personal view is that there is not currently any reason to regulate (carbon dioxide),” he said. “There may be in the future. But global temperatures are roughly where they were in the mid-20th century. They’re not going up, and if anything they’re going down.”

Carlin’s report also listed several recent developments that he says were not considered by the EPA, including the finding that global temperatures have been on the decline for approximately 11 years. The new research also concludes that Atlantic hurricanes will most likely be unaffected. Findings also show that the sun’s radiation has the largest influence on the earth’s climate. Considering that we are on the down side of sunspot activity, this is not surprising.

Given President Obama’s comments such as the following on the subject of science, one has to wonder if he really believes what he says.

The days of science taking a back seat to ideology are over… To undermine scientific integrity is to undermine our democracy. It is contrary to our way of life.


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