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Out With the King!

What is the deal with Burger King lately? First, they put out a risky ad for their Flame body spray and then there are all those other ads with that creepy plasticized King character. Now, they’ve thrown caution to the wind and ratcheted it up a notch with the ad pictured above for their new “BK Super Seven Incher”. This is apparently currently being advertised by a Burger King franchisee in Singapore. You can view the ad in its original context here.

The copy at the bottom of the ad states the following:

Fill your desire for something long, juicy and flame-grilled with the NEW BK SUPER SEVEN INCHER. Yearn for more after you taste the mind-blowing burger that comes with a single beef patty, topped with American cheese, crispy onions and the A1 Thick and Hearty Steak Sauce.

First of all…Burger King, what the heck are you guys thinking? People take their children to your restaurants and you’re putting this kind of filth out? Yes, parents need to be able to explain certain things regarding sexuality to their kids and similar things can sometimes give them a good opportunity to do so but in their own time and their own way. However, this is just a little too blatant, don’t you think? I’m sure the executives at Burger King could probably not care less or they wouldn’t have put something out like this to begin with. On second thought, most kids eating at Burger King probably wouldn’t get the point or even question it but does that really even matter at this point?

Secondly, the ad appears to be targeting men. Do you really think that men are going to want to eat something that shows a woman getting ready to perform an act of oral sex on? Or are you targeting women or gay men with this ad? The hot blond chick makes it seem like your average straight man is the target of the ad but I’m not sure they did much research or thought about this very much. Perhaps they did and they are just trying to cover all the bases here.

Thirdly, the ad objectifies women in the worst way possible. It’s almost as if the BK execs didn’t think there was enough of that already going on in the world, what with hardcore pornography and prostitution being so widely available.

Now I’m not one to call for a boycott of any particular company and rarely even involve myself with that kind of a movement and my purpose isn’t to even call for others to do that here. However, Burger King will not be getting any more of this individual’s money.


6 Responses

  1. And we wonder why the Muslims hate us?

  2. Yeah, who’d a thunk???

  3. This is one of the many reasons that I haven’t eaten at Burger King in at least 10 years.

  4. Angelica calls it “Burber” King. 😀

    We won’t be eating there again, either.

  5. I did laparoscopic surgery on someone once and every single one of her bowel wall arterioles was yellow in color. I asked her husband what she had for dinner the night before…it was a Whopper with cheese and fries. I have not eaten a Whopper or their fries since. But this ad would have sealed the deal, had I still been stupid enough to shorten my lifespan by eating at Burger King.

    • Yuck! I think regardless of the ad, just your sharing that here would swear me off BK forever! 😀

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