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Dorky Product Nominee No. 2, the Wearable Towel

Back in December, I brought you the first incarnation of “Dorky Product Nominee”. The initial nominee was “The Snuggie“, a product sure to get a snicker out of friends and family, if not a butt-kicking from a former best friend.

Now we bring you “The Wearable Towel“…

When you’re on an outing to the beach, why bother carrying a heavy, bothersome towel when you can just express your laziness by wearing one? With “The Wearable Towel”, you don’t have to carry it, sling it over your shoulder, or bother with complicated, time-consuming projects like tying one around your waist.

Have you ever gotten to the beach only to realize that you forgot your swimsuit? With “The Wearable Towel”, you can simply wear it to the beach and, when you notice that you have no swimsuit, just jump right on in the water. Then when you get out…Voila! You already have a towel with you…Wait…Ummm…Scratch that.

Seriously, like “The Snuggie”, this thing is sure to turn even the coolest of dudes and dudettes into major dorks. It looks like something designed by a frat guy who just can’t get enough of toga parties. You might as well just suit up in a pair of cloth shorts and a fat guy’s t-shirt and stamp “pool nerd” on your forehead. If that’s what you’re looking for, “The Wearable Towel” is sure to not disappoint.


3 Responses

  1. You just keep giving us more ideas for birthday presents. 🙂

  2. How about buying one for yourself so you can wear it to keep warm when the temperature is below 90 degrees? 😀

  3. i use mine everyday

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