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Don't Be a Poop-Throwing Monkey


Is it just me or does the term “hate speech” seem to refer to, not just actual hateful comments directed towards a particular person or group, but to any statement that the listener does not agree with and/or has an actual intellectual retort to?  This is usually a term flung far and wide, like poop-throwing  monkeys, by liberals and progressives towards those nasty “evil conservatives”.

Are there actual incidents of real hate speech that deserve that label?  Absolutely!  I’ve heard people making some pretty insensitive remarks about blacks, Mexicans, Orientals, etc, etc.  Take any group of people imaginable on the face of the earth and someone, somewhere is making a hateful comment about them.

Most often, this slander is directed towards conservative pundits and politicians.  To be fair, I’ve heard some pretty hateful diatribes from the likes of Michael Weiner, aka Michael Savage.  He’s one of the most hate-filled, self-serving individuals I’ve ever had the misfortune of hearing.  In this example, I’ll give the poop-throwing monkeys a pass.  He deserves whatever he happens to get.

However, when it comes to others like Sean Hannity, for instance, the label is misapplied.  Though I’m a conservative, I find Hannity to be an overly repetitious, argumentative bore.  However, being overly repetitious and argumentative doesn’t necessarily make one hateful.  It just makes him look unnecessarily idealogical.  Anyway, the poop-throwing monkeys long ago decided they didn’t have a sufficiently intellectual response to Hannity’s arguments, so they decided it was easier to slap the “hate speech” or “hatemonger” label on him.  After all, why waste brain power on a drooling, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, potato-eating, gun-clinging, myrmidon like Hannity when you can just end the debate with that ace up your sleeve?  Once that nugget’s been tossed out there for all to see or hear, the debate is pretty much over.  After all, a “hatemonger” cannot be reasoned with, can they?

Let’s stop using these terms so loosely and apply them to those they actually describe accurately.  There are enough examples of that, both liberal and conservative, where those terms can be fairly used without rendering them meaningless.  Don’t be a poop-throwing monkey.

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One Response

  1. People resort to hate speech when they have no intelligent rebuttal to criticism or are looking for someone/group to use for blame shifting purposes. Thus they give in to emotion and allow that to drive their discourse. Its a classic argumentative tool used by those with little intellectual integrity. They think by silencing their critics they’ve won the argument when all they have done is silence someone. It’s a tool of the intellectually week and/or ill prepared.

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