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Persecution…Alive and Well

Persecution…It’s alive and well in the world we live in.  I’ve previously written on my position on homosexuality.  It’s a sinful practice according to the Bible.  That being said, I do not hate gay people.  I don’t wish them any ill will and I don’t condone acts of violence or hatred towards them.  I condemn those things and will continue to do so and to speak out against them in my personal life and here on this blog.  That is the purpose of this post.

In the country of Uganda, where there is an active Christian community, there is also a movement to severely restrict the rights of homosexuals and to crack down on their activities.  They have apparently called for an independent commission to look at this problem and have come up with the following points of action:

  • The laws on homosexuality are weak, hence the need to strengthen these laws.
  • Parents were encouraged to participant in law making decisions in Uganda so that to strengthen the laws on homosexuality.
  • To establish a unit at Police to deal with homosexuality.
  • Homosexuality is an abomination; it is evil and should be dealt with strongly.
  • During the reactions a prominent pastor also said that they have been talking with an ex-gay activist who has given them a five year plan for dealing with the gay agenda in Uganda. And they have submitted this plan to the ministry concerned, that they await reactions.
  • Another participant told the audience that parliament is drafting a new law that will be tough on homosexuals.

Whatever happened to extending grace to sinners in need of a Savior?  Whatever happened to loving the sinner and seeing them through the eyes of Jesus?  It’s apparently been shown the door in some places.  Sadly, that happens even here.  Fortunately and for the most part, our government doesn’t codify such things into law.  However, there are evil groups such as GodHatesFags (see my blog post GodHatesFags?), the group that protests at the funerals of our fallen soldiers, blaming all of society’s problems on homosexuals.

This kind of bigotry and hatred should never be named amongst God’s people.  We can disagree with people on many things but Jesus still died for them, too.

You can read more about persecution of homosexuals in a new post by Warren Throckmorton, PhD, on The Christian Post.


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  1. Tearing between a desire to witness and her fear of persecution, she encourages readers to represent Christ in their world. Sally Christ

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