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Mother too 'Stupid' to Raise Child

Have you ever heard someone say that stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to breed?  Well, this story is only one step removed from that.

In England, British courts have taken the daughter of a 24-year old woman, identified only as “Rachel”, because she has been deemed too ‘stupid’ to care for her 3-year old daughter.  A judge recently also reduced the amount of time the mother can spend visiting the child, who is currently living with a foster family.

Though Rachel has never been accused of abusing or neglecting the child, the city council in Nottingham recommended that her rights be terminated.  The child was born with some severe medical problems and the officials felt that Rachel lacks the intelligence to take care of her daughter.  Apparently, the little girl has recovered enough that very little extra care is necessary.

Rachel’s IQ has been measured at 71 and has been categorized as “borderline” or one level below low-average intelligence.  The IQ of an average adult is between 90 and 109.  For reference, someone with Down’s Syndrome would have an IQ between 50 and 60.

A psychologist’s report found that Rachel “has a significant learning disability, and she will always need a high level of support.”  However, a court-ordered psychiatrist found that she “”has good literacy and numeracy and her general intellectual abilities appear to be within normal range.”  She has also been found to be able to understand the court proceedings and can communicate verbally and in writing.

Rachel is currently attempting to take her case to the European Court of Human Rights, arguing that her human rights have been violated by the British judicial system.

The child’s father has no contact with the child but Rachel’s 27-year old brother and her parents have offered to care for the child.  Their offers were unfortunately rejected.  The brother has said that the child’s current guardian said that he also has learning disabilities.

For additional information on this story, please see AOL News.

Considering that it seems like our own country is headed in the same general direction as those in the European Union, this is a bit scary.  Should a parent who is deemed unintelligent be subjected to having their children taken away from them?  It sounds like this mother has taken care of the child well enough up to this point that her medical problems have been well taken care of.

How sad.


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