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Taking a Bow?


As if our enemies, especially those in Muslim countries, didn’t disrespect us enough, our current fearless leader has added more fuel to the fire.  President Obama apparently bowed to King Saud of Saudi Arabia but did not when meeting the Queen of England.  Never mind the fact that a President of the United States should not be bowing to ANY of his peers but, in Islam, bowing is only supposed to be done to God and certainly not to other human beings.

In Islam, there are two types of ritual bowing…One is sujud.  When practicing this type of bowing, the Muslim is to have their forehead, nose, hands, knees, and toes touching the floor, all at the same time.  The other is called ruk’u.  This is done after standing during the recitation of the Quran while praying.  The position is established by bending over, putting the hands on the knees, and remaining in that position until “calmness” has been achieved.

Either way, Obama unwittingly committed a major faux pas and he has been rightly getting ripped in the foreign press for it.

Much was made during George Bush’s term about how terrible his administration was with foreign relations and how other countries were being severely disrespected and our international standing was being eroded.  However, just in the last few weeks alone, there have been several gaffes.  One being when Obama gave the visiting British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, a gift of a DVD collection.  This was in stark contrast to Brown’s giving of some historically significant gifts to Obama, which is considered appropriate for the circumstance.  Add to that the fact that the DVD collection would not work on European DVD players.

Obama also gave back the bust of Winston Churchill that had been given to then President Bush by former Prime Minister Tony Blair shortly following the events of 9/11.

Rounding out that trifecta of foreign policy missteps, Obama neglected to do the customary thing by meeting Brown for a dual press conference at Andrews Air Force Base upon his arrival here.  His administration said that he was “too tired” to meet with Brown at the time.  Then when having the actual press conference at the White House with Brown, Obama just skipped right over the obligatory words of welcome and introduction and went right into the question and answer segment.

My question is this…Did Obama attend and flunk the Beverly Hillbilly School of International Decorum?


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