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I’m sitting here listening to Sean Hannity interview a Democratic Congressman from Pennsylvania, Joe Sestak.  Now I’m no big fan of Sean Hannity.  He’s boring, repetitive, and argues for the sake of arguing many times.  However, he’s not a “hater” like many mindless myrmidons on the left would have you believe.

Regardless, Sestak is repeating the mantra that there were no earmarks in last week’s “stimulus” bill.  Umm…Yeah, right!  No earmarks, huh?  Pigs must now be flying overhead because that’s a flat-out lie.

Another example…Hannity brought up the fact that there was $30  million to save the harvest mouse, an animal that is native to wetlands in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district.  Sestak corrected Hannity by saying that those specific words were not in the stimulus bill.  Sestak is technically correct but he’s not telling the whole truth, something that is native to most of our politicians, unfortunately.  The bill actually says the money is to go to save the wetlands area in Pelosi’s district.  However, upon further research, you find that this is the same wetlands area that is home to this harvest mouse, a cause which Pelosi has previously championed.  In other words, the term “harvest mouse” never appears in the bill.  It’s pretty convenient and clever, actually, that it was worded the way it was.  The Democrats can claim that “those exact words” don’t appear in the bill and they can feel all tingly inside (or perhaps have a “thrill” running up their leg ala Chris Matthews) that they’ve told the “truth”.  When pressed that the money is actually to save this harvest mouse, Congressman Sestak  would not directly answer the question that the money would not go to help this creature.  Wonderful.

It’s funny how the libs screeched for eight years during the Bush administration about how he was a liar but when the time comes for them to step up to the plate and prove that they are better people than those they complained about, they fall flat on their face.  We saw the same kind of moral relativism after the lefties took control of Congress.  They complained endlessly about the corruption of the Bush White House and the Republican-led Congress before them, but they followed the same path once they took the reigns.

Let’s face it folks, the Democrats are no better and possibly worse than the Republicans before them.  To borrow from AC/DC, if this is the “Highway to Hell”, the Republicans were driving a Cadillac down that road.  They got a flat tire and then thumbed a ride in the Porsche being driven by the Democrats.  Both parties are taking us to the same place, it’s just that one of them is going to get us there a little faster.


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