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The Seesaw Effect

Driving home this afternoon, I was listening to Sean Hannity’s show and he kept going on and on about how the Republican party might be “back”.  You know, they kinda wondered off into the wilderness in Egypt for awhile and now they are making their way back to the promised land.  Part of it had to do with selecting Michael Steele to head up the national party, a good move in my opinion.  I respect the guy.

However, let’s not start celebrating over the supposed turn-around of the Republicans in Congress just yet.  It’s pretty easy to “stick to your principals” when you’re not the party in power.  The real test comes when you’re in control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency.  Thinking on that, I’m pretty sure their track record isn’t all that good.  Let’s see here…Overspending, lack of leadership, lack of accountability, corruption, etc., etc.  Yeah, that’s a great job you did there.

Don’t worry, though.  They’ll get their chance again.  The Dems are headed in the same direction.  This stimulus bill just passed by the House is a big sign on the highway to hell (with apologies to AC/DC).  They loaded the thing with pork, with tons of money for their pet projects that they just couldn’t wait to force down the throats of the people.  There’ve been other signs, too.  We’re starting to see more of their ranks embarrassed by scandals revealing their corruption and just an overall sense of entitlement.  It’s all rather sickening.

Anyway, the Dems will screw it up just like the Republicans before them did and it’ll most likely go back and forth between the two ad nauseum.  I like to call it “The Seesaw Effect”.  I know, I know.  That’s nothing clever but, hey, you gotta go with what you got.


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  1. […] Please read my articles “You Scratch My Back…“, “Liars!“, and “The Seesaw Effect” for my previous commentary on this subject. Brooks’ article starts with the […]

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