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Cynical Is as Cynical Does


I’ve become very cynical lately but mostly just about our government.  Mind you, even though I’m a conservative, it isn’t just about the Democratic party.  In my opinion, most politicians from both major parties have had their proverbial hand in the cookie jar for most of their careers.

This so-called stimulus bill that just passed the House of Representatives yesterday is another example.  Yes, I know that no Republicans voted for it but they had their part in bringing about the conditions where something like this was even deemed necessary.  Regardless, the bill is laden with so much pork that I think the bill may have actually squealed as it passed through the halls of the House of Representatives.  That same pig is close to being roasted on a spit as it goes to the Senate.

The Democrats who were crying “Fiscal responsibility!!!” prior to Obama being elected are now in the midst of an orgasmic frenzy as they try to pour in our hard-earned money to their pet projects that they’ve been wanting to fund so badly.  The Republicans, who spent their time in power by writing checks like there’s no tomorrow, have all of a sudden “found Jesus” and have supposedly changed their ways.  To both, I say “Yeah, right!!!”

I am also really getting a kick out of the mainstream press who are giving it the old college try to make it appear like Obama and the Democrats are really going forward in a bipartisan manner and being all inclusive and such.  If you sense a bit of really biting sarcasm in that previous sentence then your powers of perception are functioning correctly.

I wrote in a previous blog entry that the vicious cycle of corruption and power games would continue with the Democrats in control and, unfortunately, it looks like that prediction has come true, at least in the case of Congress.  There have been scandals and examples of all kinds of power hungry sycophants running loose in Congress.

My jury is still out on the Obama administration and I’ll give them a pass until they’ve had a chance to prove themselves.  I’m not hopeful, though, as there are already signs of cracks in the foundation.  The press heralded the Obama administration’s implementation of new ethics rules in the form of not allowing former lobbyists to be appointed to certain positions within the administration.  However, Obama is already apparently making exceptions to that rule.  Gee, couldn’t you have at least waited even a few weeks before flouting your own rules?

I could go on and on and on here but, as the title says “Cynical Is as Cynical Does”.  No need to perpetuate the cynicism any more than I have to.


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