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Night of the Living Brain Dead


Does it seem to anyone else out there like the chronically brain dead have taken over the public discourse?

Sometimes I have to wonder just how it is some people determine what is and what doesn’t qualify as hate speech.  For instance, it seems to be rather acceptable to curse, especially when it’s in the form of taking the name of Jesus Christ in vain.  But then it’s considered hateful to actually have the audacity to voice your opinion that this same Jesus is the only way to God.  Why is one acceptable but the other is suddenly the unpardonable sin?  It seems to be the slide rule of what is and what shouldn’t be.

With the hero worship, or should I just say outright god worship, of Barack Obama, it looks to me like anyone who dares speak out against him is immediately rubber-stamped with the “hate speech” label.  It’s the argument of the brain dead.  How better to skip all the actual thinking and mental workouts that you might have to do to come up with a decent argument when you can just take the easy way out and throw that hate speech card out on the table?

Honestly, I really get a kick out of those on the left that toss this frisbie around like it’s some casual sport.  Right-wing talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck get this label tossed their way on a regular basis.  Newsflash…EVERYONE says something occasionally that probably isn’t the nicest thing in the world to say.  We all need to temper our speech from time to time.  However, none of the aforementioned individuals is terminally guilty of hate speech.  If the only exercise you get is to have your blood pressure raised by getting yourself worked up over something Limbaugh, Hannity, or Beck says then perhaps you should consider taking up origami or maybe sign up for an interpretive dance class.  I also hear that they make really good meds for disorders like this.

If you want to cry “Hate speech!”, I’ll give you two sacrificial offerings: Michael Weiner, aka Michael Savage, and Ann Coulter.  Savage is just off his proverbial rocker.  Does the guy ever miss an opportunity to brag about his education, best-selling books, or that all good ideas were originally his and stolen by everyone else who dares to discuss them?  As far as Ann Coulter goes, I’d love to know why in God’s name people keep giving her the time of day.  She obviously gets off on pissing other people off and making money from it.  Do me and everyone else a favor and get her ugly mug off the TV.

Now that my rant against those two blowhards is over, it’s time to redirect…For those of you out there that can’t put more than two brain cells together without belching forth the “hate speech” argument, do the rest of us thinking Americans a favor.  Either get out the imaginary treadmill and start working on increasing your mental stamina or throw back a few beers and kill off those two brain cells I mentioned a sentence back.

This message brought to you by Evil Conservative Industries.  c008



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