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The Eye of the Beholder


Call me nerdy or even boring but one of the things I often ponder is the root of the liberal thought process.  I know that “progressive” is the current term in vogue in place of “liberal” but I refuse to use that term.  There’s nothing progressive about liberal politics, in my opinion.

Here’s my hypothesis…The root of liberal ideology is that there is no universal standard of right and wrong.  When discussing or debating politics, or perhaps better said, arguing politics, I often hear “Well that’s just your interpretation” or “It may be wrong for you but not for me”.  In other words, it’s in the eye of the beholder.   That’s what I see as the root of the liberal thought process, something that is antithetical to my worldview.

I see the world in a fairly black and white way, something that just makes most liberal’s cringe.  “Why, how can that mouth-breathing, potato-eating, knuckle-dragging, neanderthal even think such a thing?”  Yes, I have been called all those names by a liberal before.  Not to say that all liberals act that way but there are certainly a few that do.

My worldview is couched in my Christian faith, which I’ve been following for nearly twenty years now.  Jesus taught that there was such a thing as right and His word teaches that there certainly is one unchangeable standard of right and wrong.  It’s not something that the gods of yore just left up to the whims of man.  He wanted us to know it so he lived it in the person of Jesus Christ and gave it to us in the Bible.  I know, I know, that whole subject could be a debate in and of itself but I’ll save that for another time.  Besides all that, Jesus also claimed that he is the ONLY way to heaven, God, and eternal life, something else that makes the blood of some liberals boil.

Anyway, my point is simply this…That all this extends into the political arena, especially when it comes to how one interprets the Constitution.  Liberal thought says there is no one standard in interpreting this important document and that it’s a living, breathing thing, i.e., how it should be read changes with the times.  That’s a very dangerous thing, in my opinion.  If the standard by which this supreme law is interpreted can change, then so can the freedoms that we derive from it.  This also leaves our laws open to being subjected to some international laws.  Some justices on the Supreme Court have even commented as to the validity of this line of thinking (see “Supreme Court Justices Spar Over International Law).”

This is all insanity, in my opinion.  The Constitution is not a living, breathing document.  That’s why our wise founding fathers instituted the amendment process and they purposely the process difficult so that our basic liberties could not be easily changed.  It requires a mandate from the government and the people, not  based on the whims of a judge using a changeable standard.


2 Responses

  1. Obama has set new records for what a President Elect can accomplish between getting elected and his first week in office.

    But it is not what the Main Stream Media wants you to think.


    PS I like your blog. Care to exchange blogroll links? If yes put a comment on my blog including the link to you.

    Love ya! Nancy

  2. Thanks! Will do.

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