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Geithner Approved?


I wish I could type out that grunting noise that Tim Allen used to make all the time on “Home Improvement”.  That’s the noise I made when I heard that Timothy Geithner was approved by the Senate Finance Committee.

Certainly, from what I’ve heard and read, Geithner is eminently qualified for the job, perhaps more than anyone else.  However, he had “forgotten” to pay approximately $34,000 in taxes earlier this decade over a three or four year period.  Forgotten?  I can see possibly making a one-year mistake but three or four? You’ve got to be kidding me!

This should disqualify him from the Secretary of the Treasury position, in my opinion.  I know with certainty that he would never be approved if Bush was still in office and this was his pick.   Senate Democrats would have thrown a hissy fit.  The press would have pilloried him and he’d have been out of the running in the blink of an eye.

I have the same question that liberals in the media and elsewhere were asking about Sarah Palin.  Was Geithner vetted properly?  If he was, why did they even nominate him unless they knew their buddies in the Senate would ramrod his nomination right through the proverbial wooden gates?  It’s either unbelievable shoddy work or worse, an attempt to fly it under the radar of the average American.

This isn’t a case where it’s simply an unproven allegation.  Geithner has admitted that the taxes weren’t paid and that it was a simple mistake.  I saw video on the news last night of his explanation.  It was nothing more than a rote recitation from some prepared speech.  Not that there’s anything wrong with having written it out beforehand but I just found it sort of empty and lacking in any real penance on his part.

This is one instance where the best or close to the best qualified should not be confirmed.  I’m sure someone else with good qualifications can be found to fill that spot.


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