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History Is Made!


History has been made today.  We now have our first minority President.  Back in November, I wrote about how I was disappointed that Obama had been elected, though I wasn’t a huge fan of John McCain, but that I was proud that we had risen above our checkered past of racism and bigotry.  There are certainly still gains to be made but this is a huge step.

I’m not going to waste a lot of space here but I just wanted to publicly wish the best for President Obama and his family and, of course, this country.  I disagree strongly with some of his policies but I hope, for our country’s sake, that he is successful in all that he does, with all glory to God.  May God bless Barack Obama and the United States of America.


One Response

  1. The Intellectual Redneck said…

    detailed instructions on how to get an original vault copy of a Hawaii birth certificate. Of course Obama is President. He would not need to do anything but have someone pick up the phone. This is just to show you anyone can easily do it. Obama supporters spread so much untruth. 😦

    ‘When requesting a certified copy of your birth certificate from the Vital
    Records Section of DOH, let the clerk know you are requesting it “For
    DHHL Purposes,” and that you need a copy of the original Certificate of
    Live Birth and not the computer-generated Certification. If mailing in your
    request form, please fill in “For DHHL Purposes” in the “Reason for
    Requesting a Certified Copy” section. (See example on page 6.)’


    They even show a sample copy of the vault record for those so blinded by Obama they thought that document was a myth.


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