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I Can't Get No Stimulation


Just like the Rolling Stones song of nearly the same name, the economy just can’t get no stimulation.  Try as they might, our lovely politicians try with all their spending super powers to keep the sinking ship of our economy afloat or to at least stick a wad of gum over the ever-widening hole in the hull.

I’ve got news for you…It ain’t workin’, folks!  Most of the answers we hear from our Senators and Representatives are only stop-gap measures that, in the end, are going to make the problem worse rather than getting us out of this mess.  They’re treating the symptom instead of the actual problem.  Printing tons of additional dollars, sending rebate checks, and borrowing billions or even trillions from foreign countries is what got us into this huge mess in the first place.  When does it all end?

President-elect Obama seems to think he can create millions of new jobs.  Newsflash, Mr. President-elect!  The President doesn’t and can’t create new jobs.  New jobs are created by businessmen and entrepreneurs when taxes are lower and the government stays the hell out of the way.

Yes, taxes are certainly needed to fund the federal government.  However, placing an additional burden on those who are already hurting isn’t going to do a darn thing.  I sincerely hope that Obama is really over wanting to increase taxes for those making above $250,000 or $100,000 or whatever the ever-changing magic number is.  I’m beginning to think that Obama was just pulling numbers out of a hat from some cheap magician’s kit rather than consulting with real-life economists.  Perhaps there’s a rabbit or two in there as well and he could just enact a rabbit tax.  Rabbits multiply like crazy and if we can just magically create jobs for those cute little bunnies, our problems will be all over…Pardon me…Too much caffeine over the last two days…But I digress.

Regulation is also a necessary evil but over-regulation is one of the main problems that businessmen face in creating new jobs (see the Sarbanes-Oxley Act).  That’s one of the main reasons why healthcare costs are so high that many companies are continually passing on more and more of the cost to the employee.  Much of this stems from draconian regulations enacted by the federal government.

Regardless, our totally fabulous politicians are likely spending us into the grave and I fear that it may be too late before they finally wake up and do what’s right instead of what’s expedient.

Note: This article was inspired, in part, by an article on RealClearPolitics, written by Ron Paul.


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