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Have You Seen the Weather Lately???


I live in central Indiana.  It gets somewhat cold here compared to the south but it’s not too awfully bad.  Having grown up in north-central Pennsylvania, the temperatures are comparable but we get a lot less snowfall here than I was used to growing up.

I remember having enough snow to be able to easily build snow forts and have really good snowball fights, the kind where you have endless ammunition and your arm actually gets tired before you run out of snow to throw.  I remember, as a teenager, going out in the cold when the temperature was in the 20s or below, and playing basketball.  If there was snow on the driveway, we just shoveled off a square area big enough to be able to shoot some three-pointers and we played.  If the ball missed the basket and rolled through the snow, we’d dust it off and keep playing…and all this without any gloves on for the most part.

Maybe it’s just me  or perhaps it’s just because I’m older now, approaching the dreaded 40s, but it seems like people in all areas of the country complain about how bad the weather is.  Granted, the next two days here in central Indiana, it’s going to be in the single digits and even below zero.  That is cold by most people’s standards.  But I’m talking about when the temperature is in the 20s and people are saying things like “It’s freezing out there!” or “Boy, don’t you love the weather in Indiana?”.  I have to kind of laugh and shrug my shoulders a little because it really isn’t that bad.  You can go just a state or two north of here and the temps are a little colder but the snowfall is a heck of a lot more.  I think I’ve seen one winter here that even comes close to what I experienced in Pennsylvania, where we got nearly 50 inches of snow for the entire winter.  That’s probably the average from where I grew up.

The other thing that I really laugh about in this area are the fog advisories or warnings.  I remember driving home from college in southern New York (my parent’s home nearly straddles the NY/PA border) almost every night in thick fog, sometimes so dense that I could not see more than an inch or two past the front bumper.  Around here, it seems that people flip out if visibility is reduced to a few hundred yards.  Yes, I know it’s prudent to be more careful while driving even in those comparably weak conditions but I just have to laugh out loud at the big deal that’s made out of the fog.

The other thing I get a kick out of is how competitive the local television stations are around here with their weather forecasting.  One station brags about their “dual doppler radar”, while another talks up their “dual double doppler special radar”, and so on and so forth.  Then there’s the wall-to-wall coverage of even the tiniest thunderstorms.  How long can you follow a thundercloud, for crying out loud?  Sometimes, you’d be hard pressed to find so much as a raindrop during those “storm warnings” or even a gusty wind, for that matter.

I guess the weather is always the topic of conversation, no matter where you are, huh?


4 Responses

  1. wow is that pic real? CRAZY!

  2. Wow, what a picture! And we’re complaining here in the South about temps below 10 later this week. Thanks for the reality check.

    • 😀 That’s just a pic I found on the internet to underscore the story. I’m not sure where that pic was taken but I have seen it somewhere before and I’m pretty sure it’s real.

  3. I share the same sentiment. As I posted on my blog http://definitebounds.blogspot.com , people seem to complain a lot more nowadays. I remember those basketball games, I would even end up in a short sleeve shirt; though my internal heating system is built more for the cold weather than the average bear’s. As you alluded to, we have gotten quite a bit of snow here in Northern PA. I would say we have at least 18 to 14 inches out there right now. We also have icicles hanging from our eaves down halfway to the ground from all the snow sitting on the roof, melting, and then running off and freezing. So many people complain about such weather, but I for one love it.

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