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Head-in-the-Sand Politics


I’m a conservative…I know, that’s hardly a surprise to some of you out there (for the very few that actually read this blog).  I was thinking about the liberal thought process recently, something that perplexes me greatly from time to time.  Some of you more hardcore conservatives are probably thinking “The liberal thought process?  They don’t even think, do they?  There’s no process at all.”  I understand the sentiment behind that kind of thinking but does it really apply any more to the ultra-liberal than it does the ultra-conservative?  I’m talking about those who are so wrapped up in their ideology that they seem to follow their respective political philosophy’s talking points more than they do their own intellect.  I know some rational lefties and I know a bunch of rational righties as well, so this doesn’t apply to  them.  Truth being told, there probably isn’t a person among us who doesn’t fall prey to ideology on some issue or another from time to time.  I’ve found myself doing that in the past also.  I’ve changed my mind on a few issues here and there because I finally owned up and admitted I was wrong.  This article also isn’t intended to describe those types.

I’m talking about those like Sean Hannity and Randi Rhodes, the ones who seem to read and follow the talking points from their respective political parties.  Sure, every once in a while they’ll claim that they’ve spoken out against their party’s own leaders, whoever they happen to be at the time.  However, real dissent and even marginal disagreement at times is often difficult to discern.

Unfortunately, it seems this line of thinking, or rather non-thinking, is becoming more and more widespread and it’s been trending in that direction for many years now, unfortunately, with only a brief respite following the events of 9/11/2001.  It seems that it’s far easier to accept what the political elites are saying rather than doing our own critical thinking.  In other words, laziness.  Why do the research and thinking when someone else has already done it for you?  It makes for a mass of people who are ready, willing, and able to toe the proverbial line.

What it boils down to is basically just one word…Power.  If you can create an ideology that will be accepted by enough people, you can manage to hold onto your power.  Then you might be able to fudge the numbers and truth long enough to fool people into thinking you’re looking out for their best interests when all you’re really doing is helping them bury their own heads deeper and deeper into the sand.


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