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The Shamwow! Guy


What’s the deal with the guy on the Shamwow! commercials?  If you want to make a product look like a scam, I think this is the guy you want to hire for your commercial.

Also, what’s the deal with wearing a headset.  YOU’RE ON A FREAKIN’ TV COMMERCIAL, PAL!  TAKE THE HEADSET OFF!  WE CAN HEAR YOU JUST FINE WITHOUT IT!  You’re not doing tech support, for crying out loud.  I expect you to tell me to reboot my computer moreso than I want to buy something from you.

I don’t understand why people are buying the Shamwow with this guy as the spokesman.  They must be buying, otherwise this commercial would’ve been sent to the lowest level of hell long ago.

Just a few minutes ago, I saw a brand new commercial and he’s pushing a product called the “Slap Chop”, which is basically just a chopper that’s already made by other companies.  Of course, there he is wearing the headset again.  I feel no shame in saying I hope this product and the Shamwow bite the dust so I don’t have to see this guy’s mug on TV anymore…Then again, I’m sure he would probably just find another product to peddle, along with that obnoxiously loud Billy Mays guy.


2 Responses

  1. I totally agree with you Dave. I was wondering about the headset, too. I think it’s just for affects, although it doesn’t make him any more credible.

    I have a suggestion in how to test this product. Since they are being sold at Kohl’s, and they will allow anything to be returned due to their “Yes We Can” policy, purchase one, test it, and then return it. This way you won’t have to pay shipping, you can prove it to be a scam or not, and you won’t be out any money.

    This would be a good test for Jamie & Adam on “Myth Busters” 🙂

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