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SENATOR Al Franken???


In yet another sign of the impending apocalypse, Stuart Smalley, aka Al Franken, may actually become a U.S. Senator.  A Minnesota Canvassing Board today certified the vote in a recount in his race against incumbent Republican Senator Norm Coleman with the current results showing Franken up by only 225 votes out of  the approximately 2.4 million cast in the race.  Coleman’s lawyer has promised to file a legal challenge that will likely keep the race in virtual limbo for several months.

Coleman had previously pledged to concede if the results of the recount showed Franken to be the winner.  However, concerns over possible voter fraud and serious questions about the recount process itself have cause him to change his mind.  An accusation has been made that some ballots were copied but the copies themselves were not marked as copies and ended up being counted along with the originals.  Also, in some areas, more votes were cast than there were voters registered.

Regardless of the outcome, I have one question for voters in Minnesota who voted for Smalley…WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING???  Franken is a guy who is well known as a stretcher of the truth, if not an out and out liar.  He wrote a book titled “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right”.  In the book, he brags about how he had a team of Harvard researchers and about the lengths he and his colleagues went through to make sure his book was meticulously fact-checked.  Apparently, these “researchers” weren’t the cream of the crop as far as Harvard is concerned as many half-truths, misstatements, mistakes, and, in my opinion, outright lies made it through their radar.  For a list of just a few of these, please visit frankenlies.com.

One relatively famous example of a Franken distortion is that of his claim that Bill O’Reilly is lying when the famous TV and radio show host claims that he is from Levittown, New York.  O’Reilly has produced the deed to the home in which he grew up and where his mother still lives that clearly shows the home is indeed in Levittown.  The last I heard, Franken still clings to this lie.  Regardless, the actual location of O’Reilly’s upbringing is of minor if not inconsequential importance.  Rock music legend Billy Joel has also claimed to be from Levittown although he is technically from the nearby village of Hicksville.  So, for the sake of argument (and I’ll use my own example here), I actually live in Noblesville, Indiana.  However, sometimes whether in speech or the written word, I’ll refer to being from Indianapolis even though that’s not technically where I live.  Anyway, for those who still refuse to believe the plain truth, you can view a copy of the deed at billoreilly.com.

The long and short of it is, in my estimation, is that it’s embarrassing that Franken could even come close to being a U.S. Senator and it looks like that is likely to happen if the current recount result stands.  That being said, most of our current politicians, both Republican AND Democrat, are embarrassments to the country.  I won’t haggle with anyone on that.


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