My wife and I have been going through some tough times with our daughter lately. Truthfully, we go through these all the time, with what seems like brief respites every once in a while. I know hard times are a universal thing but when you’re going through it yourself, it sometimes seems like you’re the only ones and it’s hard to keep an eye on the prize waiting at the end. Ultimately, that prize is a life that God has promised us through Jesus Christ, eternal life. But God hasn’t just promised us eternal life. He’s promised us a fulfilled, victorious life right here and now. I don’t profess to know God’s whole plan or even part of it sometimes but I do know that He can do something completely awesome with our daughter and that’s something that I try to hold onto when things don’t seem all that hopeful.

The lyrics below come from the song “Rain” by Foreigner from their “Mr. Moonlight” album. It comes nearly eight years after their last “successful” album when bands like them still had hits on the charts but this is my favorite tune of theirs nonetheless.

It’s about how all of us go through tough times and that a little rain falls into each life but there’s still hope. If I recall correctly, Lou Gramm wrote the lyrics to this song. Not much more than a year after this album and the tour for it, he began having memory problems, forgetting phone numbers he had known all his life and other important things that he previously had no problems remembering. He started having headaches and eventually saw a doctor for the symptoms and was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. He was told he had likely had the tumor since he was a child and it was just now big enough to start causing problems. He had successful surgery but still went through some more tough times with the recovery process as the drugs he needed to take messed with his metabolism and caused him to gain a lot of weight.

More importantly, though, right before he was diagnosed with this tumor, he had come to faith in Jesus Christ, which ended up giving him a strong foundation for what he would shortly need to go through. Jesus became that bit of sunlight in his life that would shine through the rain of the tough times he was going through.

Brothers, always reaching far too high
But I can see the tragic side and it ain’t easy
And brothers, you won’t let anybody help
Why do you sacrifice yourself?
You can’t go on this way

Tell me why, oh why?
Why don’t you open up your heart?
Let the light from inside
Show us who you are

And when it looks like rain
And when the dark clouds fill your sky
There ain’t no good reason why
You’ve got to feel the pain
Even when it looks like rain
Just hold your head up high
I know the sun’s gonna shine
Even when it looks like rain

Sisters, another story must be told
Just count the blessings you still hold
What’s done is done
And sisters, you can find the one you need
Don’t have to live the life you lead
Don’t be the lonely one

Tell me why, oh why?
Why don’t you open up your heart?
Let the light from inside
Show us who you are

And when it looks like rain
And when the dark clouds fill your sky
There ain’t no good reason why
You’ve got to feel the pain
Even when it looks like rain
Just hold your head up high
I know the sun’s gonna shine

Don’t get down and don’t get washed away
Just remind yourself every day
That into each life
A little rain must fall
So let it rain

Even when it looks like rain
Just hold your head up high
I know the sun’s gonna shine
Even when it looks like rain
When it looks like rain . . .


The Seesaw Effect

Driving home this afternoon, I was listening to Sean Hannity’s show and he kept going on and on about how the Republican party might be “back”.  You know, they kinda wondered off into the wilderness in Egypt for awhile and now they are making their way back to the promised land.  Part of it had to do with selecting Michael Steele to head up the national party, a good move in my opinion.  I respect the guy.

However, let’s not start celebrating over the supposed turn-around of the Republicans in Congress just yet.  It’s pretty easy to “stick to your principals” when you’re not the party in power.  The real test comes when you’re in control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency.  Thinking on that, I’m pretty sure their track record isn’t all that good.  Let’s see here…Overspending, lack of leadership, lack of accountability, corruption, etc., etc.  Yeah, that’s a great job you did there.

Don’t worry, though.  They’ll get their chance again.  The Dems are headed in the same direction.  This stimulus bill just passed by the House is a big sign on the highway to hell (with apologies to AC/DC).  They loaded the thing with pork, with tons of money for their pet projects that they just couldn’t wait to force down the throats of the people.  There’ve been other signs, too.  We’re starting to see more of their ranks embarrassed by scandals revealing their corruption and just an overall sense of entitlement.  It’s all rather sickening.

Anyway, the Dems will screw it up just like the Republicans before them did and it’ll most likely go back and forth between the two ad nauseum.  I like to call it “The Seesaw Effect”.  I know, I know.  That’s nothing clever but, hey, you gotta go with what you got.

Cynical Is as Cynical Does


I’ve become very cynical lately but mostly just about our government.  Mind you, even though I’m a conservative, it isn’t just about the Democratic party.  In my opinion, most politicians from both major parties have had their proverbial hand in the cookie jar for most of their careers.

This so-called stimulus bill that just passed the House of Representatives yesterday is another example.  Yes, I know that no Republicans voted for it but they had their part in bringing about the conditions where something like this was even deemed necessary.  Regardless, the bill is laden with so much pork that I think the bill may have actually squealed as it passed through the halls of the House of Representatives.  That same pig is close to being roasted on a spit as it goes to the Senate.

The Democrats who were crying “Fiscal responsibility!!!” prior to Obama being elected are now in the midst of an orgasmic frenzy as they try to pour in our hard-earned money to their pet projects that they’ve been wanting to fund so badly.  The Republicans, who spent their time in power by writing checks like there’s no tomorrow, have all of a sudden “found Jesus” and have supposedly changed their ways.  To both, I say “Yeah, right!!!”

I am also really getting a kick out of the mainstream press who are giving it the old college try to make it appear like Obama and the Democrats are really going forward in a bipartisan manner and being all inclusive and such.  If you sense a bit of really biting sarcasm in that previous sentence then your powers of perception are functioning correctly.

I wrote in a previous blog entry that the vicious cycle of corruption and power games would continue with the Democrats in control and, unfortunately, it looks like that prediction has come true, at least in the case of Congress.  There have been scandals and examples of all kinds of power hungry sycophants running loose in Congress.

My jury is still out on the Obama administration and I’ll give them a pass until they’ve had a chance to prove themselves.  I’m not hopeful, though, as there are already signs of cracks in the foundation.  The press heralded the Obama administration’s implementation of new ethics rules in the form of not allowing former lobbyists to be appointed to certain positions within the administration.  However, Obama is already apparently making exceptions to that rule.  Gee, couldn’t you have at least waited even a few weeks before flouting your own rules?

I could go on and on and on here but, as the title says “Cynical Is as Cynical Does”.  No need to perpetuate the cynicism any more than I have to.

He Got the Nod

Have you ever heard of someone “getting the nod” for doing something outstanding?  In this case, John Coleman of Cleveland, Ohio got just the opposite for his nod.  You see, Coleman’s pipe and drum band performed in President Obama’s inauguration.  Apparently, Coleman was a little too eager to please the new President.  As they passed by Obama, he nodded and gave a small wave.  Coleman says that Obama smiled and waved and that he was simply returning the courtesy.

For his over-zealousness, Coleman has been suspended from the marching band for six months.  The band leader says that Coleman violated proper decorum required in a military parade.

Ummm…Let me get this straight.  A six-month suspension for a nodding of the head and a slight wave?  Okay.  I can understand some minor punishment for violating the proper decorum, especially considering it’s the military.  How about just doing what they did in the old movies and make him do something like digging out a latrine or peeling a few hundred potatoes?

Oh well…Maybe he can make some money posing for a bobblehead doll or something like that.

If you care to see the video of this horrible offense, you can click here…Be aware that it’s not for the faint of heart.

Night of the Living Brain Dead


Does it seem to anyone else out there like the chronically brain dead have taken over the public discourse?

Sometimes I have to wonder just how it is some people determine what is and what doesn’t qualify as hate speech.  For instance, it seems to be rather acceptable to curse, especially when it’s in the form of taking the name of Jesus Christ in vain.  But then it’s considered hateful to actually have the audacity to voice your opinion that this same Jesus is the only way to God.  Why is one acceptable but the other is suddenly the unpardonable sin?  It seems to be the slide rule of what is and what shouldn’t be.

With the hero worship, or should I just say outright god worship, of Barack Obama, it looks to me like anyone who dares speak out against him is immediately rubber-stamped with the “hate speech” label.  It’s the argument of the brain dead.  How better to skip all the actual thinking and mental workouts that you might have to do to come up with a decent argument when you can just take the easy way out and throw that hate speech card out on the table?

Honestly, I really get a kick out of those on the left that toss this frisbie around like it’s some casual sport.  Right-wing talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck get this label tossed their way on a regular basis.  Newsflash…EVERYONE says something occasionally that probably isn’t the nicest thing in the world to say.  We all need to temper our speech from time to time.  However, none of the aforementioned individuals is terminally guilty of hate speech.  If the only exercise you get is to have your blood pressure raised by getting yourself worked up over something Limbaugh, Hannity, or Beck says then perhaps you should consider taking up origami or maybe sign up for an interpretive dance class.  I also hear that they make really good meds for disorders like this.

If you want to cry “Hate speech!”, I’ll give you two sacrificial offerings: Michael Weiner, aka Michael Savage, and Ann Coulter.  Savage is just off his proverbial rocker.  Does the guy ever miss an opportunity to brag about his education, best-selling books, or that all good ideas were originally his and stolen by everyone else who dares to discuss them?  As far as Ann Coulter goes, I’d love to know why in God’s name people keep giving her the time of day.  She obviously gets off on pissing other people off and making money from it.  Do me and everyone else a favor and get her ugly mug off the TV.

Now that my rant against those two blowhards is over, it’s time to redirect…For those of you out there that can’t put more than two brain cells together without belching forth the “hate speech” argument, do the rest of us thinking Americans a favor.  Either get out the imaginary treadmill and start working on increasing your mental stamina or throw back a few beers and kill off those two brain cells I mentioned a sentence back.

This message brought to you by Evil Conservative Industries.  c008


The Eye of the Beholder


Call me nerdy or even boring but one of the things I often ponder is the root of the liberal thought process.  I know that “progressive” is the current term in vogue in place of “liberal” but I refuse to use that term.  There’s nothing progressive about liberal politics, in my opinion.

Here’s my hypothesis…The root of liberal ideology is that there is no universal standard of right and wrong.  When discussing or debating politics, or perhaps better said, arguing politics, I often hear “Well that’s just your interpretation” or “It may be wrong for you but not for me”.  In other words, it’s in the eye of the beholder.   That’s what I see as the root of the liberal thought process, something that is antithetical to my worldview.

I see the world in a fairly black and white way, something that just makes most liberal’s cringe.  “Why, how can that mouth-breathing, potato-eating, knuckle-dragging, neanderthal even think such a thing?”  Yes, I have been called all those names by a liberal before.  Not to say that all liberals act that way but there are certainly a few that do.

My worldview is couched in my Christian faith, which I’ve been following for nearly twenty years now.  Jesus taught that there was such a thing as right and His word teaches that there certainly is one unchangeable standard of right and wrong.  It’s not something that the gods of yore just left up to the whims of man.  He wanted us to know it so he lived it in the person of Jesus Christ and gave it to us in the Bible.  I know, I know, that whole subject could be a debate in and of itself but I’ll save that for another time.  Besides all that, Jesus also claimed that he is the ONLY way to heaven, God, and eternal life, something else that makes the blood of some liberals boil.

Anyway, my point is simply this…That all this extends into the political arena, especially when it comes to how one interprets the Constitution.  Liberal thought says there is no one standard in interpreting this important document and that it’s a living, breathing thing, i.e., how it should be read changes with the times.  That’s a very dangerous thing, in my opinion.  If the standard by which this supreme law is interpreted can change, then so can the freedoms that we derive from it.  This also leaves our laws open to being subjected to some international laws.  Some justices on the Supreme Court have even commented as to the validity of this line of thinking (see “Supreme Court Justices Spar Over International Law).”

This is all insanity, in my opinion.  The Constitution is not a living, breathing document.  That’s why our wise founding fathers instituted the amendment process and they purposely the process difficult so that our basic liberties could not be easily changed.  It requires a mandate from the government and the people, not  based on the whims of a judge using a changeable standard.

Geithner Approved?


I wish I could type out that grunting noise that Tim Allen used to make all the time on “Home Improvement”.  That’s the noise I made when I heard that Timothy Geithner was approved by the Senate Finance Committee.

Certainly, from what I’ve heard and read, Geithner is eminently qualified for the job, perhaps more than anyone else.  However, he had “forgotten” to pay approximately $34,000 in taxes earlier this decade over a three or four year period.  Forgotten?  I can see possibly making a one-year mistake but three or four? You’ve got to be kidding me!

This should disqualify him from the Secretary of the Treasury position, in my opinion.  I know with certainty that he would never be approved if Bush was still in office and this was his pick.   Senate Democrats would have thrown a hissy fit.  The press would have pilloried him and he’d have been out of the running in the blink of an eye.

I have the same question that liberals in the media and elsewhere were asking about Sarah Palin.  Was Geithner vetted properly?  If he was, why did they even nominate him unless they knew their buddies in the Senate would ramrod his nomination right through the proverbial wooden gates?  It’s either unbelievable shoddy work or worse, an attempt to fly it under the radar of the average American.

This isn’t a case where it’s simply an unproven allegation.  Geithner has admitted that the taxes weren’t paid and that it was a simple mistake.  I saw video on the news last night of his explanation.  It was nothing more than a rote recitation from some prepared speech.  Not that there’s anything wrong with having written it out beforehand but I just found it sort of empty and lacking in any real penance on his part.

This is one instance where the best or close to the best qualified should not be confirmed.  I’m sure someone else with good qualifications can be found to fill that spot.